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Re­lease date July, 2000

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Take a trip down mem­ory lane with clas­sic Ap­ple hard­ware

• Move­ment speed: 400dpi • Move­ment de­tec­tion tech­nol­ogy: Op­ti­cal • Con­nec­tiv­ity tech­nol­ogy: Wired • Con­nec­tor type: USB Type A Orig­i­nal price


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When you have been with Ap­ple long enough to re­mem­ber hav­ing to un­clip the ball from the Mac mouse every few weeks to scrape off the fluff and re­store a fluid, on­screen re­sponse, the ar­rival of Ap­ple’s Pro Mouse at the turn of the mil­len­nium was heaven-sent. De­signed to con­nect to the built-in USB hub of the Ap­ple Pro Key­board, the Ap­ple Pro Mouse fea­tured a much shorter ca­ble than its pre­de­ces­sors and a min­i­mal­is­tic, but­ton­less de­sign that was ap­par­ently some­thing of a fluke. Dur­ing a de­sign re­view, then Ap­ple CEO Steve Jobs was pre­sented with six mouse de­signs to eval­u­ate, but in­stead favoured a sev­enth, un­fin­ished model with the but­tons yet to be fac­tored in. The de­sign team played along like it was an in­ten­tional idea and the rest is his­tory. The Pro Mouse’s but­ton­less de­sign worked by press­ing the whole unit down for clicks and a dial on the un­der­side al­lowed for three lev­els of ten­sion. We also liked it be­cause the laser beamed a mouse de­sign on the wall when you held it up!

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