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A sim­ple tweak to the iphone set­tings in­creases safety and se­cu­rity when us­ing the in­ter­net

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• In­crease in­ter­net se­cu­rity

on the iphone

•Train your de­vice to im­prove

its au­to­cor­rec­tion

•Set cus­tom vi­bra­tions on

your iphone

•Dis­cover all the hid­den

fea­tures in Sa­fari

•Build a new mu­sic li­brary •Record and in­stantly

tran­scribe notes

•10 key­board tricks

The in­ter­net is a bril­liant re­source but there is a dark side to it and mal­ware, phish­ing, scams and adult con­tent can ruin your en­joy­ment and make it un­safe to use. For­tu­nately, there are ways of block­ing the bad stuff and mak­ing the in­ter­net a safer place. DNS servers con­vert the URLS we type in, like ap­ple. com, into the IP ad­dresses that phones and com­put­ers use to com­mu­ni­cate with each other. Many DNS servers al­low ev­ery­thing – good and bad. How­ever, a few are de­signed to fil­ter out bad sites and bad con­tent so you are never af­fected by it. Switch­ing to one of these makes the in­ter­net safer and more se­cure. There is an app for that, of course, DNS Over­ride.

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