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Re­quire­ments macos 10.11.5 or later • 64-bit pro­ces­sor • 460MB Learn more Avail­able from re­al­lu­ Mac App Store

You may have to rush to snap up Crazytalk An­i­ma­tor 3.1 at its sale price, but even at its full price of £69.99 for the stan­dard edi­tion (or £179 for the Pro edi­tion) it is well worth the money.

This re­lease builds on the solid foun­da­tions of Crazytalk An­i­ma­tor 3 by adding a small se­lec­tion of worth­while en­hance­ments, most no­tably the op­tion to im­port PSD files for char­ac­ters that you have drawn and then an­i­mate them in­side the app. This is done by drag­ging the char­ac­ter’s body parts into cor­re­spond­ing fold­ers ready to an­i­mate them.

As well as Pho­to­shop files, the app now sup­ports Affin­ity, Xara, Clip Stu­dio Paint and Krita files, and you can also now save the fa­cial parts of your char­ac­ter to use on other char­ac­ters, which is a mas­sive time-saver when putting your projects to­gether. Whether you have up­dated from

CTA3 or are com­pletely new to the app, us­ing Crazytalk An­i­ma­tor 3.1 is in­cred­i­bly easy. There are batches of tem­plates in place so that you can sim­ply pick a scene, drag in a char­ac­ter or two and then start an­i­mat­ing them via a se­ries of pre­pro­grammed poses and fa­cial an­i­ma­tions. If you find that some­thing isn’t quite work­ing out when view­ing the se­quence in Stage Mode then you can swap it out there and then with­out hav­ing to re­vert back to the prover­bial draw­ing board – sim­plic­ity is def­i­nitely one of CTA3.1’S key fac­tors.

Of course, the app has all of the nec­es­sary fea­tures in place for you to cre­ate your own an­i­ma­tions from scratch – once you are happy with them, you can even flog them to other users in the Re­al­lu­sion Mar­ket­place. We cer­tainly had a lot of fun us­ing this app and, with its pro­fes­sional toolset, there is al­ways some­thing new and cool to dis­cover. Quite, quite bril­liant!

“With its pro­fes­sional toolset there is al­ways some­thing new and cool to dis­cover”

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