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Stor­age of all kinds is cur­rently an ob­ses­sion, so this is­sue’s stor­agei­deas sup­ple­ment couldn’t have come at a more op­por­tune time. MAK­ING SPACE FOR MA AND PA

The par­ents Rich­mond have moved in (we’re hav­ing a stab at multi­gen­er­a­tional liv­ing and could prob­a­bly make a for­tune if we put up cam­eras and turned it into some kind of Big Brother-style so­cial ex­per­i­ment). Fit­ting the con­tents of two three-bed houses into one three-bed house (even­tu­ally to be four, loft con­ver­sion pend­ing…) is going to be my life’s great achieve­ment, es­pe­cially when we have very dif­fer­ent at­ti­tudes to clut­ter (they’re ok with it; I hate it.

Or, at least, I like an out­ward ap­pear­ance of calm, even if there’s a stuff-alanche every time I open a cup­board door). AT­TACK­ING THE HOARD We’re still in the throes of Phase 1: Ruth­less De­clut­ter­ing. Pa is whit­tling down his shed-stuff­ing stock of bro­ken tools and ran­dom bits of wood. Ma is cast­ing a crit­i­cal eye over her three-wardrobe­strong col­lec­tion of Per Una. Thanks to Face­book, I’ve man­aged to find a good home for all my uni­ver­sity books – just one post and they were quickly snapped up by a lo­cal col­lege. With a lit­tle help from, what­ever we can’t sell on Gumtree we’re giv­ing away to lo­cal peo­ple – and get­ting to meet our neigh­bours in the process! SORT­ING OUT STOR­AGE I’m introducing my par­ents to the joys of mod­ern stor­age so­lu­tions and it’s blow­ing their minds. I don’t know how any­one can live with­out vacuum bags for out-of-sea­son clothes. Or un­der-bed boxes (I’ve got the ones with wheels and hinged lids from Store) for stuff­ing shoes in. Or the Skubb se­ries from Ikea, or the plas­tic stack­ing bas­kets from Clas Ohlson for us­ing every inch of drawer space. After that, the Lake­land multi-trouser hanger for free­ing up wardrobe space, and hooks and towel bars screwed onto the inside of every cup­board door, has all es­sen­tials cov­ered. BROWS­ING FOR ARMCHAIRS Once Project Hoard is over, we’ll be able to turn our at­ten­tion to the real ele­phant in the room: the com­fort­able – but ugly – armchairs Ma and Pa have brought with them. Yup, they’re like the dad’s chair in Frasier, but worse. Most days, they’re in their dress­ing gowns and set­tled into those chairs watch­ing Homes Un­der the Ham­mer by 4pm. Some­thing tells me this is one bat­tle I just won’t win! Vanessa VANESSA RICH­MOND, Editor


CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE Skubb stor­age boxes, £10 for three, Ikea

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