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Calum Kletta’s take on a favourite rig means he can fish it any­where from right un­der the rod tip to ex­treme range

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IAM NOT an an­gler that spends sleep­less nights over minute changes that I could make to my rigs – I would much rather they were sim­ple and ef­fec­tive in the first place. For this rea­son, my favourite is the snow­man rig, but I do make a few lit­tle tweaks that sep­a­rate it from the bog­stan­dard ver­sion and make it work in the sit­u­a­tions that I want it to. The rig is sim­ple to tie up and use, and very hard to tan­gle be­cause of the large bait and anti-tan­gle sleeve used in con­junc­tion with a stream­lined lead clip set-up. This means that I would be as happy us­ing this rig when fish­ing at ex­treme range as I would be low­er­ing it un­der a rod tip. Us­ing the set-up with a size 6 Covert Con­ti­nen­tal Mugga hook has given me an amaz­ing hooked-to-fish-landed ra­tio, even in weedy and snaggy con­di­tions. I pre­fer to fish the rig over a bed of spod mix, gen­er­ally con­sist­ing of whole and chopped boilies with a sprin­kling of hemp and trout pel­lets to get the fish grub­bing around and com­pet­ing for food. A snow­man rig fished over the top will be most ef­fec­tive in this sit­u­a­tion, and the hook­bait can be tweaked to give even bet­ter re­sults. I will start off us­ing a dif­fer­ent hook­bait on each rod – usu­ally coloured pop-ups on two rods and then a pop-up that matches the bot­tom bait on the third. Once the suc­cess­ful rod has been iden­ti­fied, all rods should be switched to this bait, giv­ing the best chance of mul­ti­ple bites. This rig will work when fished over any type of bot­tom sim­ply by al­ter­ing the length, depend­ing on how firm the lakebed is, bal­anc­ing the bait so that it will not sink too far into any silt. The large blob of putty placed on the 25lb Sink Skin hook­link helps to en­sure it is sat on the bot­tom out of the way if, say, the lead has sunk into the silt slightly.

“This rig will work when fished over any type of bot­tom sim­ply by al­ter­ing the length”

This mir­ror, known as The Lord, is one of many carp to fall to Calum’s large sim­ple snow­man rig pre­sen­ta­tion

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