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How of­ten should I feed when fish­ing for carp down the edge? IAN FLETCHER, VIA EMAIL


The best thing is to let the num­ber of bites dic­tate how you should be feed­ing. Some days you’ll need to feed af­ter ev­ery fish, while on oth­ers it’s pos­si­ble to catch sev­eral big carp be­fore you need to in­tro­duce any more bait. Be­gin with a large pot of bait and when it’s time to fish the mar­gins, wait un­til you get that first bite or in­di­ca­tion. Drop in again and if you keep get­ting bites, there’s no need to put more bait in – but if noth­ing hap­pens af­ter the first fish you may need to in­tro­duce a lit­tle more feed. Of­ten you can see fish mov­ing in the shal­low wa­ter so you’ll know if any fish are in the area. If you’re get­ting bites quickly, feed noth­ing – if noth­ing is hap­pen­ing, feed more!

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