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You’ve now found the depth you re­quire and it’s time to work out how you want your hook­bait to sit on the deck. I al­ways have the hook­bait just touch­ing the bot­tom but the con­tours will dic­tate my next move. If I am fish­ing on a flat bot­tom I will plumb up so that the bot­tom of the bris­tle is show­ing when the plum­met hits the deck. If I am on a slope where the depth is con­stantly chang­ing I will plumb up to the bot­tom of the body. This makes sure the hook­bait is al­ways on the deck where the big­ger fish will lie. As for feed­ing, lit­tle and of­ten by a pot is best. Drop in a few bits of bait af­ter ev­ery fish or if bites dry up and you’ll still draw in fish with­out over­feed­ing them.

On a slope, plumb to the base of the float so the hook­bait is al­ways touch­ing the deck

On a flat bot­tom, plumb so that you can just see the base of the float bris­tle

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