Crossword: win Ko­rum Front Force 3000 reels

A Ko­rum Front Force 3000 reel worth £34.99

Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Contents -

FIVE lucky win­ners of this month’s Im­prove Your Coarse Fish­ing crossword will each scoop a Ko­rum Front Force 3000 reel worth £34.99. These de­pend­able and well-built reels have been de­vel­oped to suit a wide range of fish­ing sit­u­a­tions. From feeder fish­ing to lure fish­ing, and even float­fish­ing this reel can tackle it all. Its com­pact body, cou­pled with ef­fort­less wind­ing makes it a joy to use. The front drag can be ad­justed very eas­ily and pre­cisely dur­ing the fight. Like all Ko­rum reels, they com­bine a ro­bust build-qual­ity with stun­ning looks, and are sure to be­come an iconic prod­uct. The 3000-size reel car­ries 250 me­tres of 0.23mm di­am­e­ter mono on the main metal spool and also comes supplied with a spare graphite spool.. Com­plete the puz­zle and send it to: Crossword (Is­sue 324), IYCF, Bauer Me­dia, Lynch­wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA, by June 8, 2017.

The clues.... ACROSS

7 Heat-re­tain­ing or ___ un­der­wear (7) 8 Wa­ter flea (anag. of ‘an aphid’) (7) 9 A trib­u­tary of the Witham (anag. of ‘sale’) (4) 10 The com­bined skills used by an ac­com­plished an­gler (10) 12 Rose up to the wa­ter’s top and broke through it (8) 13 Creels are tra­di­tion­ally wo­ven from this (6) 16 Preda­tory, gull-like bird (4) 17 Just a lit­tle lake? (4) 22 River of Sal­ford / Manch­ester (anag. of E/W rill) (6) 24 Ital­ian man­u­fac­turer of angling gear (anag. of ‘Croat cub’) (8) 25 Univer­sity city on the Trent (10) 27 New­cas­tle un­der __ (4) 28 As slow-mov­ing rivers of­ten do (7) 29 Raised wooden plat­form at wa­ter’s edge, for an­glers etc. (7)


1 Brightly-coloured, fisheat­ing wa­ter bird (8) 2 Del­i­cate bait of­ten used with a large hook (5,5) 3 Cen­tral Eng­land town on the Avon and Grand Union canal (7) 4 Ta­pers like a rod to­wards its tip (7) 5 Fish of moun­tain lakes and rivers – in loch area (4) 6 Rapidly turn pages of book... for a fast, shal­low sec­tion of river (6) 11 Ebb and flow of the sea/ estuaries (4) 14 Fish’s mark­ings/hues, mak­ing it blend in with its sur­round­ings (10) 15 Fish eggs (3) 16 Type of whale – in Ouse in­deed! (3) 18 Thame­side town down­river from Kingston (8) 19 Was quite un­suc­cess­ful in an angling ses­sion (7) 20 Scratch this part of Itchen! (4) 21 Food spread pos­si­bly used on bait (anag. of ‘I’m tamer’) (7) 23 Star an­gler, Adam, of Man. United? (6) 26 Sharp taste (4)

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