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Q Is lun­cheon meat any good for spec­i­men carp? I pre­vi­ously used it of­ten in my match­fish­ing atch­fish­ing days but I’ve never had the con­fi­dence to try it on big-carp wa­ters. Mark Stone, Es­sex

RICH SEEDS: I sup­pose it would be but, gen­er­ally, with big-carp fish­ing you are leav­ing the rod out for longer pe­ri­ods of time. Lun­cheon meat is very soft and can be eas­ily taken off the hook or hair by smaller fish. They can ei­ther whit­tle it down or com­pletely re­move it. I am sure that in a stalk­ing sit­u­a­tion it would work, but I would much pre­fer to use a boilie on the end. I think the at­trac­tion com­ing off the boilie out­weighs any leak­age from lun­cheon meat.

Q I al­ways used ready-made lead­ers but want to start mak­ing my own to save money. Could you show me the cor­rect way to splice a leadcore or lead­free leader? Steven Sharp, via email

ADAM SMITH: First of all, pinch the lead wire in one hand and pull the skin down for about six inches. Break the lead off and push the skin back so that it is nice and straight. Then, find where the break is, from where the lead starts to where it be­comes sup­ple, and hook the splic­ing nee­dle through it. Then, push the nee­dle up through the skin push it out the side a third of the way up. Use the hook sys­tem on the nee­dle and hook the tag end with it. Then pull this back down the cen­tre of the skin and come out where you en­tered. Pull the loop with a Pulla tool and make sure every­thing is nice and se­cure. Trim off the tag end and you are done. If you want a swivel on the other side to splice on, sim­ply add this be­fore you are pulling the tag back through to cre­ate the loop.

Lun­cheon meat can still catch carp but it also at­tracts smaller fish

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