Crowded lake, few spare pegs, pres­sured fi­fish - not a prob­lem for Matthew Per­ring, who landed 6 carp and 3 cat­fi­fish in a productive session.

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I ar­rived at a very busy day-ticket lake on a bank Öúèà`>fifi ‹iiéiò` Ãú wò` what I ex­pected; only a few spare pegs were left on the lake. So, a walk around èúúéàò} vú¿ √à}ò√ úv w√Ö ‹>√ out of the ques­tion. Luck­ily, I man­aged to get a spot where a new wind was blow­ing di­rectly into where I was go­ing Ãú w√Ö∞ ú‹ ÃÖi è>éi bed is just silt, not many depth vari­a­tions and very few snags or un­der­wa­ter fea­tures. So, with­out the aid of my Deeper, I `iVà`i` Ãú w√Ö >à {x fifi>¿`√∞


There op­po­sitea would­many­bit of pel­letswerebe com­mon­mein an­gler­sor­der.and and cour­tesyI boiliesWith thoughtso be­ing an­glers, putI de­cidedin by oth­erto be a bit dif­fer­ent. Yes, I was still mass bait­ing, but I thought I would give them some­thing they would keep com­ing back for. So, I opted for a bed of hemp and dead mag­gots. ú‹] ÃÖi√i >¿i ¤i¿fifi ´¿i√√’¿i` w√Ö √ú `iVà`i` af­ter putting in a cou­ple of ki­los I would give the w√Ö Ãàìi Ãú LiVúìi Vúòw`iòà vii`àò} úò ÃÖi bait. So with the rods out of the wa­ter and feel­ing de­cid­edly peck­ish, I vis­ited ÃÖi èúV>è VÖà´ √Öú´ Ãú wèè my own face with food. When I re­turned to the lake ÃÖi¿i ‹i¿i √à}ò√ úv w√Ö in my baited swim. To be hon­est it was bub­bling as if some­one had turned a ket­tle on.


ú‹ ÃÖi w√Ö àò ÃÖà√ è>éi àò my ex­pe­ri­ence are easy to spook Vúòw`iòà and >ò` I wanted ´¿iúVV’´ài`them be­fore I threw my baited hooks in. I de­cided that I would now cast my Deeper sonar out over the bait I had put in to see if they ‹i¿i vii`àò} >ò` Ãú wò` ú’à ¿ú’}Öè­fifi Öú‹ ì>òfifi w√Ö were there. The data the Deeper re­turned to my phone was very in­ter­est­ing. à √Öú‹i` √i¤i¿>è è>¿}i w√Ö feed­ing over the bait, but it also showed a shoal of √àè¤i¿ w√Ö Ö>ò}àò} >Lú’à in the area and ob­vi­ously wait­ing for another spomb of mag­gots. Un­usu­ally for me, I ended ’´ èú√àò} ìfifi w¿√à vi‹ takes. But with a change of rig and hook pat­tern I was soon into the ac­tion. iò`i` ’´ ‹àÃÖ ô w√Ö àò ÃúÃ>è] » V>¿´ >ò` OEOE V>Ãw√Ö∞ I packed away at 10am the fol­low­ing morn­ing and left the lake with a very big smile and some great pho­tos.

Matthew Per­ring – Deeper Pro Mem­ber

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