Tie the ul­ti­mate big-carp rig – Luke Val­lory

Sticky’s Luke Val­lory lifts the lid on a rig that he’ he’s used to catch loads of big carp this year

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IHAVE been us­ing this vari­ant of the hinged stiff rig for quite some time, and ab­so­lutely love it. The rig is a cross be­tween a hinge and a multi-rig, tak­ing cer­tain at­tributes of each and com­bin­ing them to make an ex­tremely ef­fec­tive set-up. I started us­ing it last year on a lake heav­ily stocked with bream. De­spite us­ing pop-ups, I was still pestered by slabs and it be­gan to get a lit­tle te­dious hav­ing to tie up a new rig af­ter each fish.

Im­pos­si­ble to eject

This rig has the same prin­ci­ples as the hinge, but it en­abled me to change the hook with­out hav­ing to tie up a whole new hook­length. Af­ter I had caught a few carp on it, I was con­vinced it could be su­pe­rior to the hinge. The dou­bled-over stiff fil­a­ment meant the curved pop-up sec­tion was even more rigid and the chance of a carp eject­ing it was slim. I was us­ing it with a size 4 Choddy hook, which helps me land more fish. It also grips the fil­a­ment nicely when it has been passed through the hook twice to cre­ate the mul­ti­rig ef­fect. I can also set the size of the ‘D’ to how I want it. With a nor­mal hinge, you have it set in a sim­i­lar size, but with this rig I can have it run­ning up most of the hook, cre­at­ing so much more move­ment.

Rig con­struc­tion

I start off by tak­ing a de­cent length of N-Trap Soft in 30lb. The sup­ple na­ture of this ma­te­rial means that it will sit nicely over any light weed or de­bris on the bot­tom but it still have enough stiff­ness to kick the rig away from the lead. I strip off a good 7in of the coat­ing and leave it to one side. I then take a length of 25lb Mouth Trap. I dou­ble this over and thread it through the eye of the hook. Next, I add a small Think­ing An­glers Hook Ring Swivel be­fore pulling the loop down over the hook­point, as you would with a multi-rig. I use a Puller tool to make the shape of the ‘D’ and put it in po­si­tion. I bend the tag ends back on them­selves at the length I want my pop-up sec­tion to be. Then, take the sup­ple end of the N-Trap soft and wrap it round the sec­tion of the Mouth Trap seven times, then three times back down. Next, I put the tag end through the loop in the Mouth Trap and moisten it be­fore gen­tly pulling it all down to com­plete the Al­bright knot. I then make a fig­ure-of-eight loop on the other end of the hook­link, at the length I want the rig to be, be­fore blob­bing the tag ends. Fi­nally I place a lit­tle shrink tub­ing over the knot and steam that down. And that’s it. Just add hook­bait and tung­sten putty and the rig is ready to cast.

When to use this rig

I use this rig when boilie fish­ing, gen­er­ally over a scat­ter­ing of free­bies. It has served me well and I have caught some lovely fish do­ing this in re­cent months. I have fished bright ones in the past but, when you know the fish are feed­ing heav­ily on the baited area, I think it makes sense to fish a match­ing bait on the rig. I use the rig for sin­gle hook­bait fish­ing too and it gen­er­ally sits nicely over most lakebeds ex­cept for very thick weed. I can feel by the drop I get on the rod what type of lakebed I am fish­ing over. If it goes down with a firm drop, I know the rig will be pre­sented per­fectly. It seems to pick out the big­ger carp too. I think this is maybe be­cause it is too bla­tant for the smaller fish. I like get­ting bites, but I am try­ing to pick out the big­ger fish, and this rig cer­tainly seems to do that. Once the rig is steamed, it casts re­ally well and very rarely tan­gles. The ad­di­tion of an anti-tan­gle sleeve helps to fur­ther re­duce the chance of tan­gles by forc­ing the hook­link away from the lead. I have used this rig many times this spring and caught some lovely carp to over 34lb. I would hap­pily use this rig any­where, and when I am boilie fish­ing over a spread of bait, this is my num­ber one rig.

The soft boom sec­tion will set­tle over any light bot­tom de­bris

The stiff pop-up sec­tion makes the rig in­cred­i­bly hard for carp to eject

An anti-tan­gle sleeve pre­vents tan­gles on the cast

Al­ways test your rigs in the mar­gin to check that they sit cor­rectly be­fore cast­ing out

The hinged multi-rig is per­fect for fish­ing over a wide scat­ter­ing of boilies

Luke likes to match his hook­baits to the boilies he is feed­ing when us­ing this rig

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