Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Tactics -

Carp much pre­fer to spend their time bask­ing up in the wa­ter on hot and sunny days rather than feed­ing on the deck. Sur­face fish­ing is the best way to catch them in this sit­u­a­tion. Make sure you use a long hook­link of at least 6ft and as small a hook as pos­sil­ble. A size 10 or 12 is about right.

A small piece of black foam is an ideal zig hook­bait as it re­sem­bles a hatch­ing in­sect The float en­ables you to ad­just the height of the hook­bait and cre­ates a bolt ef­fect The main­line runs through a large metal ring that en­ables the float to rise, even in weed Make sure you use a lead that is heavy enough to an­chor the buoy­ant zig float Band­ing the hook to the floater like this keeps it tight to the shank and per­fectly poised to hook the fish Us­ing two beads be­tween the float and hook­link helps act as a buf­fer and also pro­tects the swivel knot It’s vi­tal to get the fish feed­ing well on free­bies be­fore cast­ing out your baited con­troller rig

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