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Wag­gler fish­ing on com­mer­cials isn’t for the type of an­gler who wants to sit back and just wait for the rod to al­most get dragged in. It is one of the busiest ways of fish­ing you can try and you are al­ways do­ing some­thing Take your cat­a­pult and feed six pel­lets into the swim. 6mm pel­lets are best when you are af­ter a mix­ture of carp and F1s, with 8mm pel­lets bet­ter when carp are the pri­mary tar­get. Leave the float in place for 20 sec­onds and, if noth­ing hap­pens, give the float a quick twitch. If that still doesn’t pro­duce any­thing within 10 sec­onds, it is time to wind in and cast again to re­peat the process. that is aimed at max­imis­ing your chances of get­ting a bite. Get­ting into a rou­tine is very im­por­tant as you need to keep re­peat­ing the process if you want to reg­u­larly put fish in the net. In­stantly cast di­rectly over the top. Make sure your float ‘plops’ in as op­posed to crash­ing in. Place your rod on the rest and do not move the float an inch. Mov­ing the float takes it away from where the splash at­tracts the fish. I al­ways reg­u­larly drop in a few pel­lets at 5m and, once I wind in, I leave the float over this area and then refeed my main line in open wa­ter with another six pel­lets. You’ll be amazed how many bonus fish you pick up.

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