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The depth that fish sit at will vary each ses­sion. In fact, it will al­most cer­tainly vary through­out the ses­sion as the shoals go up and down the wa­ter col­umn. I al­ways start with my rig set 3ft deep but I will change this through­out the day. I don’t just guess when a change is needed and there are a few in­di­ca­tions that will tell me it is time to adapt. If I am get­ting no bites or move­ment on the float I know there are no fish at the depth I am fish­ing, or above. This is be­cause I would be get­ting bites, or at least in­di­ca­tions, on the float as fish brush up against the line. When I am get­ting bites but can’t hit them or I am foul-hook­ing fish it is time to shal­low up as this tells me the fish are above the rig. I ad­just my rig by 6in in­ter­vals un­til I start catch­ing well. You might get a run of fish at one depth and then have to make a change to re­lo­cate the shoals. So, al­ways be pre­pared to change depth.

Tommy uses Method Feeder Stops to fix his float po­si­tion

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