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There are a lot of an­glers that re­ally try to scale down their main­line when wag­gler fish­ing so they can cast fur­ther, but I find this un­nec­es­sary. As I men­tioned ear­lier, you are only look­ing to cast 35 yards at most on the ma­jor­ity of com­mer­cials and you can do that eas­ily with 5lb or 6lb main­line. If I am fish­ing for a mix­ture of carp and F1s I will use a 0.13mm Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Pow­er­line hook­length, step­ping up to 0.15mm if it is mainly carp. The hook­length is al­ways 30cm long be­cause I want the hook­bait to look to­tally nat­u­ral when fall­ing through the wa­ter and light line helps that. I also have no shot on the line what­so­ever, re­ly­ing solely on the loaded wag­gler and the disc to get the float to sit how I want it. The float is held in place by two Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Method feeder stops ei­ther side. Un­like float stops, these don’t slide at all so you can be con­fi­dent your rig will stay at the depth you set it even af­ter you have won a hard fought bat­tle with a fish. The best hook by a mile for this type of fish­ing is a PR27, with a size 16 ideal for carp and an 18 for a mix of carp and F1s. Last but not least is the rod. I like to use some­thing that is fairly soft in the tip or you will lose an aw­ful lot of fish and I find that the 11ft Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Mon­ster Pellet Wag­gler is per­fect.

Tommy prefers a rod with a soft tip, such as this 11ft Mon­ster Pellet Wag­gler

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