Us­ing the cor­rect pole elas­tic is vi­tal to max­imis­ing the num­ber of fish you land, so you must get it right!

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BAL­ANCED tackle is crit­i­cal to help­ing land ev­ery fish, and the grade of elas­tic you choose plays a ma­jor part. An elas­tic that is too heavy for the job will lose lots of fish, and a grade that is too light will see you spend all day try­ing to land that po­ten­tial per­sonal best.

Grade 4-6

Ideal for sil­ver­fish, it is ex­tremely soft and will re­duce the num­ber of fish you ‘bump’ off. It will also be able to han­dle any bonus F1s, tench and even small carp that turn up, es­pe­cially if you are us­ing a Pulla Bung.

Suit­able elas­tics:

Pink Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic or Middy Hi-Viz Shock Core Hol­low Green Main­line: 3lb Hook­length: 2lb

Grade 5-8

When fish­ing for F1s on the deck, you need some­thing soft that will power up quickly to land fish from a few ounces up to 3lb. The fi­nesse and power of this elas­tic will also cush­ion any last-ditch lunges at the net.

Suit­able elas­tics:

Blue Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic or Pre­ston In­no­va­tions blue Dura Hollo Main­line: 4lb Hook­length: 2lb 8oz

Grade 6-10

Use when fish­ing shal­low for F1s that will dart off the mo­ment they are hooked. This elas­tic has enough power to stop them run­ning into other an­glers’ pegs. This grade will also han­dle any bonus big­ger carp.

Suit­able elas­tics:

White Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic and NG White Am­ber Core Main­line: 4lb 8oz Hook­length: 3lb 8oz

Grade 10-14

When fish­ing for carp in open wa­ter, this elas­tic is the one to use. Also good for spec­i­men perch. The species have very bony mouths, so it’s im­por­tant to use an elas­tic that sets the hook upon a firm strike.

Suit­able elas­tics:

Grey Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic or Matrix Solid 14 Main­line: 6lb Hook­length: 5lb

Grade 14-18

If you’re look­ing to put to­gether a 100lb-plus net of carp, you’ll need an elas­tic of this grade to get the fish in quicker. Ten­sion­ing it on the soft side will elim­i­nate the prob­lem of los­ing lots of fish.

Suit­able elas­tics:

Pur­ple Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic or Yel­low Pre­ston In­no­va­tions Dura Hollo Main­line: 7lb Hook­length: 6lb

Grade 16-20

When catch­ing big carp close to reeds or lilies, you’ll need some se­ri­ous gear to make sure they don’t delve deep into the snags. This is a very heavy elas­tic, and it’s im­por­tant to check that your pole can cope with it.

Suit­able elas­tics:

Red Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic or Or­ange NG Twin Core Hol­low Main­line: 9lb Hook­length: 7lb 8oz

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