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1 Pour two bags of fish­meal ground­bait in a large bowl and mix 2 This is the base from which paste will be cre­ated by over­wet­ting 3 Add lake wa­ter slowly, mix con­stantly to make a soft, damp crumb 4 Take aside a small hand­ful and add wa­ter to make the paste 5 Use a rid­dle to re­move any lumps. Add wa­ter if not wet enough 6 Use this for your hook­bait, then make up more from the ground­bait

how­ever you fish, but when fish­ing with paste, it is vi­tal. The first thing I look for is a level and uni­form bot­tom. It’s no good try­ing to fish paste on a slope as the paste will come off the hook too eas­ily and roll away. “The sec­ond im­por­tant point is you need to set your rig at dead depth or slightly overdepth in a tow. The eas­i­est ways to gauge this is to use a heavy plum­met, and use the plum­met as if it were the ball of hook­paste. “The way the rig sits in the wa­ter with the plum­met at­tached is the same way the rig will sit once the paste is hooked on.” Rig-wise, Rob goes against con­ven­tion, us­ing quite light set-ups rather than the time­honoured 1g-plus paste floats and olivettes to shot them. He opts for a 4x12 RW Slim Power, and as long as about an inch of bris­tle is show­ing, you will be able to read the bites cor­rectly. The down­side of us­ing big paste floats and heavy shot­ting is that the shot can pull the hook from the ball of paste as it drops through the wa­ter. How­ever, us­ing a very light set-up, Rob negates this prob­lem. It also helps al­le­vi­ate tan­gles be­cause the paste ball is the heav­i­est part of the rig and sinks quickly. “I have a pole pot half a me­tre up the top kit. The baited hook is placed in the pot, the pole shipped half a me­tre beyond the fish­ing area, and the pole tipped to empty the pot. I then pull the pole back, so the float is di­rectly over where I dropped the paste in.” As the ses­sion con­tin­ues, Rob doesn’t loose­feed any­thing, sim­ply strik­ing off the paste hook­bait ev­ery few min­utes.

Light set-ups will pre­vent tan­gles when fish­ing with paste

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