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I love catch­ing big perch! There are some real mon­sters in many of our rivers now and one of the best ways to tar­get them is with a pole and lob­worms. I al­ways have lob­worms in stock and keep them in big buck­ets of soil, leaves, moss and var­i­ous items of feed. On big rivers I’ll of­ten take 50-100 lobs with me and I feed them through a bait­drop­per. Some, I’ll chop into fairly small sec­tions while oth­ers will be in big­ger sec­tions. Add some cast­ers to bulk out the bait and keep the fish in­ter­ested. I use a DH12 float for perch fish­ing with pole gear. This is set up on 0.21mm (9.8lb) main­line with hook­lengths from 0.14mm to 0.20mm. The main­line is de­lib­er­ately kept strong to give me the op­por­tu­nity to fish for species such as bar­bel and big chub on some of the rivers I visit. Feed fairly reg­u­larly with a bait­drop­per or via a cup if the flow is steady and use a strong hook and ei­ther half or a full lob­worm as bait. I don’t use a shot on the hook­length and I vary the depth from as much as 1ft overdepth to 1ft off the bot­tom. For elas­tic, I use grey or black Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic through the No.2 and No.3 sec­tion of my Air­ity pole with the No.1 sec­tion dis­carded.

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