5 easy steps to be­come a master of the Method – Mark Cree

The Method feeder is an amaz­ingly suc­cess­ful tac­tic, but Dy­na­mite Baits’ Mark Cree’s tips trans­form it from a great tech­nique to an in­cred­i­ble one!

Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Contents - Words Mark Cree Pho­tog­ra­phy Mark Parker

IHAVE al­ways been a huge ad­vo­cate of the Method. It is so ef­fec­tive at putting fish on the bank that I’d hap­pily use it 365 days a year. Apart from fish­ing the long pole to the shal­low mar­gins of an is­land, I can’t think of an­other ap­proach that places the loose­feed and hook­bait with such pre­ci­sion. It pro­vides the angler with the best chance of a bite be­cause it al­ways of­fers a per­fect pre­sen­ta­tion, it never tan­gles and it cov­ers the feeder and end tackle when the pay­load breaks down. It is also child’s play to set up and fish. What could be bet­ter? When you look at angling, or through the pages of this mag­a­zine, there are many dif­fer­ent ways to ap­proach a ses­sion and all are very good on their day. But I truly think you have to go a long way to beat the Method. It will help you to catch fish from all wa­ters in all con­di­tions with the min­i­mum of fuss. The other thing I love about feeder fish­ing is its sim­plic­ity. There are no com­pli­cated shot­ting pat­terns to con­sider and ev­ery­thing is pinned down, so there is lit­tle to spook the fish. Of course, there are still a few tips and wheezes you can adopt to turn some­thing great into some­thing in­cred­i­ble. The fol­low­ing five points are things that I have de­vel­oped over the years and fac­tors that have taken my Method feeder fish­ing to a new level...

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