Live test: Ko­rum Twin Tip Plus

Big bar­bel, carp, tench and bream are on the back foot with the ar­rival of Ko­rum’s spec­i­men all-rounder, the Twin Tip Plus

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IALWAYS look for­ward to the start of the new sea­son. It means I can fi­nally get my river kit out again and take a closer look at some of the lat­est rods com­ing on to the mar­ket. Un­for­tu­nately, this year’s first live test river out­ing hap­pened to co­in­cide with the hottest day of the year thus far. With tem­per­a­tures soar­ing into the thir­ties, bright sun­shine and lit­tle, if any breeze, the chances of catch­ing much were slim to say the least. The mighty River Trent near Not­ting­ham is nor­mally a good bet early sea­son, even when the lev­els are low and the wa­ter’s gin clear. How­ever, I shook my head in dis­be­lief as I gazed across its un­ruf­fled sur­face. Noth­ing

stirred. Not so much as a rip­ple could be seen. Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imag­ine the bream or bar­bel feed­ing in day­light un­der these con­di­tions. Still, we had to give it a go. As we were lucky enough to be on some of the best pegs on the river – which you too can try by join­ing Work­sop and District Angling As­so­ci­a­tion – there was just the faintest chance we might strike it lucky. The rod on live test duty was big-fish spe­cial­ists Ko­rum’s lat­est 12ft two-sec­tioned Twin Tip Plus. It comes with two hol­low tipped Avon-style top sec­tions with 1.75lb and 2.2lb test curves. The rod is aimed at bar­bel, tench and bream on the feeder, with the heav­ier top sec­tion con­sid­ered best for big rivers and reser­voirs when you need to cast heavy weights a good way. My no­tion was to try the softer 1.75lb top with a cage feeder, light lines and small hooks for bream. Then I’d change over to the heav­ier 2.2lb top with stepped-up kit suit­able for bar­bel. After a few hours of slav­ishly hurl­ing out a 2oz feeder, I had noth­ing to show other than sun­burn and the knowl­edge that the Ko­rum rod has more than enough cast­ing prow­ess to pro­pel a feeder half­way across the Trent with­out much ef­fort. Busy go­ing nowhere and with time march­ing on, a change of tac­tics was needed. On went the meaty 2.2lb top, and I upped the weight of the feeder so as to reach the faster­flow­ing wa­ter fur­ther across the river, where hope­fully an oblig­ing bar­bel would snaf­fle the

small pel­let hook­bait. The rod han­dled the heftier 2.5oz cast­ing weight with ease, and could in fact han­dle 4oz weights with­out any prob­lem. Its high weight load­ing area does give it a fair amount of cast­ing per­for­mance. It’s worth re­mem­ber­ing, though, that this is an all-round rod with multi-species flex­i­bil­ity. It has more of a pro­gres­sive through ac­tion than real pow­er­house po­ten­tial. How­ever, the ‘what hap­pened next’ mo­ment proved the worth of the de­cep­tively slim car­bon blank. As the first dark cloud of the day scud­ded across a piti­less sun, the tip sec­tion trem­bled and rat­tled, then slammed over in clas­sic bar­bel style. Im­me­di­ately the Ko­rum rod took on its full fighting curve. A dogged and de­ter­mined fish met with equally pur­pose­ful re­sis­tance from the Twin Tip Plus rod, with­out sac­ri­fic­ing too much feel. The typ­i­cal last mo­ments of any big bar­bel en­counter saw the fish bore away sev­eral times from the land­ing net, but with a rac­ing pulse I even­tu­ally drew it over the land­ing net cord. A sim­ply stun­ning crea­ture lay in the mesh be­fore me, and with­out over-egging the point I con­cluded that Ko­rum’s new baby has to be up there among the best all-round spec­i­men rods at any price point.

“Ko­rum’s new baby has to be up there among the best all-round spec­i­men rods”

The sturdy 2.2lb top was more than a match this lovely bar­bel

The Avon-style tips mean the Twin Tip Plus is a true all-rounder

The rod could han­dle cast­ing weights of 4oz with ease

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