Stop baits stick­ing to the mould

Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - 5 Easy Steps To Become A Master Of The Method -

With the devel­op­ment of moulds, Method feeder fish­ing has never been so easy. But you still need to pre­pare your ground­bait and pel­lets cor­rectly to pre­vent them from stick­ing in the mould after you have loaded the feeder with ei­ther. An easy way to stop this from hap­pen­ing is to cut a length of heavy-duty plas­tic, lay it across the mould’s pan and then tape it around the base of the feeder. This means that the pay­load will never get stuck in the mould and you’ll get a per­fectly-loaded feeder ev­ery time. Re­gard­ing the plas­tic, I use a strip from a big food bag be­cause it is thick and will last longer, but any plas­tic will suf­fice.

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