Q I’ve started to get into feeder fish­ing and I’m con­fused by all the ground­bait op­tions avail­able and what other baits I should add to the mix.

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A As a gen­eral rule, fish sweet crumb mixes on nat­u­ral wa­ters and fish­meal­based ground­baits on com­mer­cials or lakes that see a lot of pel­lets and boilies. Some an­glers pre­fer very dry mixes when fish­ing the feeder but aim to mix your ground­bait slightly on the damp side, just enough so it holds to­gether when formed into a ball. What you add to your mix is re­ally down to per­sonal pref­er­ence but here are some of the main op­tions: MAG­GOTS – Deads are best for bream, live mag­gots are bet­ter for roach and perch. A sin­gle bait is ideal for use with small hooks but use mul­ti­ples for big­ger bream. PINKIES – A great choice for skim­mers on nat­u­ral venues. Use dead flu­oro pinkies in your ground­bait and have two or three on the hook. CAST­ERS – For bream, feed these with some finely-chopped worm in a 70:30 caster to worm ra­tio. They’re also a good change bait when fished as a double. WORMS – Bream love these all year round, not just in sum­mer. Your ground­bait must be dry when adding choppy, other­wise the juices will turn the mix into a mush. PEL­LETS – Add 2mm or 4mm soaked pel­lets to fish­meal ground­bait on ‘pel­let-heavy’ wa­ters. SWEET­CORN

– This works on nat­u­ral and non-nat­u­ral venues and sorts out the big­ger bream. You don’t need much in the ground­bait, maybe a good hand­ful but no more.

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