Q What’s the best way to catch perch from a river in sum­mer?

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AAt this time of the year perch are will­ing feed­ers, gorg­ing on the sea­sonal glut in their favourite nat­u­ral food – small fish, crus­taceans and in­sects. They can of­ten be caught in great num­bers on the sim­plest of tac­tics. You can fish for them on the float, feeder or straight lead, but for the per­fect blend of sim­plic­ity and ef­fec­tive­ness, a quiv­er­tipped juicy lob­worm on a light running leger rig takes some beat­ing. The species will quickly re­ject a hook­bait if they feel any re­sis­tance, so running rigs are by far the best op­tion. When us­ing a light quiv­er­tip rod to flick lob­worms into likely-look­ing spots along low, clear sum­mer rivers, then a light, running link leger car­ry­ing just a few Swan or SSG split shot is the way to go. When us­ing worms, nick on a small piece of rub­ber band to the hook after the worm to pre­vent it wrig­gling free or mask­ing the point of the hook. If you get no in­di­ca­tions within 10 min­utes or so, give the reel han­dle a cou­ple of turns to ‘twitch’ the worm along the deck to pro­voke a perch into tak­ing the bait.

Trav­el­ling light means more swims cov­ered and, ul­ti­mately, more perch banked

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