Improve Your Coarse Fishing (UK) - - Why It’s Time To Get Inline -

There are two ways to set up an in­line lead - semi-fixed or drop off. Semi-fixed is where the main­line or leader passes through the cen­tre of the lead and the hook­link swivel is then pushed into the base. The swivel should be tight enough to hold in place on the cast but will pull out when put un­der pres­sure. This means if you crack off or a fish be­comes snagged, the hook­link can pull out of the lead and the lead will then sim­ply fall off the main­line. If you are fish­ing close to a se­ries of snags or any other sce­nario in which you need to ditch the lead on the take, you will need to use a drop off ar­range­ment. The method sees the line pass­ing over the out­side of the lead as op­posed to through the cen­tre. When a fish picks up the bait and the line tight­ens the lead sim­ply falls away.

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