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We as­sumed that fall­ing asleep af­ter less than five min­utes was a skill, but it turns out it’s ac­tu­ally an in­di­ca­tor of over tired­ness or even se­ri­ous sleep de­pri­va­tion. You prob­a­bly al­ready know this if you’re also tired dur­ing the day and don’t feel re­freshed when you wake up. If it’s not your chil­dren dis­rupt­ing your sleep, mak­ing some sim­ple changes to your bed­time rou­tine could make a big dif­fer­ence to your en­ergy lev­els and well­be­ing. The Sleep Coun­cil have lots of prac­ti­cal tips at www.sleep­coun­

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Although you might have the odd ‘tired day’, you have a pretty healthy sleep rou­tine. If you reg­u­larly fall asleep less than 10 min­utes af­ter your head hits the pil­low, it may be that a few ad­just­ments could give your en­ergy lev­els an ex­tra boost. When you can, work out how much sleep your body needs, then see if you are reg­u­larly get­ting it. If you do need to make changes to your bed­time rou­tine, try the tips at www.sleep­coun­

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Tak­ing around 15 min­utes to fall asleep puts you in the lucky group who are get­ting enough zzz’s. If you also feel re­freshed when you wake and rarely feel sleepy dur­ing the day, keep do­ing what you’re do­ing as your sleep rou­tine is clearly right for you! Work out your magic num­ber and maybe you can do away with your alarm clock for good.

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