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Peace lily (Spathiphyl­lum)

I’ve had many of th­ese guys over the years and they have al­ways fared well. Cur­rently I have one at home which has lived in many dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions: our freez­ing cold front room, our sun­room and our bed­room. Ba­si­cally I just put it any­where and when it looks un­happy I move it to a dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tion. It seems to cope with this peri­patetic life­style pretty well. It does like to be wa­tered though, but will tell you if it’s thirsty

with droopy leaves.

Rub­ber plant

(Fi­cus elas­tica)

I never used to give rub­ber plants a sec­ond look, un­til I was given one in a pale pink pot. The com­bi­na­tion of the dark green leaves against the pretty pot had me pos­i­tively sali­vat­ing. Now it’s one of my faves. At rst I put my rub­ber plant in our low-light lounge, but the leaves started to drop off. I moved it to a spot in our sun­room, which was warm but with no di­rect light, and now it’s sprout­ing new leaves

like there’s no to­mor­row!

Philo­den­dron (also known as Lacy Tree)

Th­ese guys come in many dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. I have a medium-sized one on my stu­dio ta­ble, which seems to be get­ting big­ger ev­ery time I look at it. So far it seems to love the ar­ti­fi­cial

light it gets. I also have a large one in our ware­house,

which was very sad and ne­glected, but af­ter some in­ten­sive care it looks like it’s go­ing to make it through. I have one in my lounge which is do­ing okay, but not lov­ing life that much. I might have

to move it.

Weekly wa­ter­ing. Will do best in slightly warmer ar­eas

(but not too hot).

Not be­ing wa­tered. Bright in­di­rect light and

mod­er­ate wa­ter­ing. Be­ing moved around, colder

tem­per­a­tures, draughts. Low-medium in­di­rect light, mod­er­ate wa­ter­ing, leaves

wiped with a wet cloth.

Di­rect sun­light.

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