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Hey feng shui – there’s a new in­te­rior de­sign sys­tem in town! Known as ‘the sci­ence of ar­chi­tec­ture’, vastu shas­tra is based on an an­cient Hindu tra­di­tion, fo­cus­ing on the ow of en­ergy around a liv­ing space. Said to bring pos­i­tiv­ity to your mind and home, mod­ern day vari­a­tions con­sist of sim­ple rules on direc­tion and place­ment of ob­jects. Bro­ken down into each room of the house, it’s easy to ap­ply these rules to what­ever type of abode you might live in – you don’t need to have bags of space to make these changes.

As win­ter nights draw in and snug­gling on the sofa be­comes our pas­time of choice, there’s no bet­ter time to take a look at the space around you and make it more har­mo­nious. Vastu Shas­tra Guru sug­gests these tips for your liv­ing room area:

* Use white, light yel­low, blue or green colours for painted walls.

Place your TV in the south-east cor­ner of the room.

Keep plants in the north-east cor­ner, as well as a bowl of sea salt, changed reg­u­larly.

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