HOR­MONAL HEALTH SPE­CIAL Discover how to bal­ance your body through your key hor­monal phases.

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Har­mon­is­ing with your hor­monal phases can boost your emo­tional and phys­i­cal well­be­ing, for a health­ier, hap­pier you

W e all re­mem­ber our teens, when spots, slammed doors and a hy­per­sen­si­tiv­ity to the slight­est crit­i­cism were the norm. “Hor­mones,” our weary par­ents likely sighed, long­ing for the mo­ment when we’d emerge from the chrysalis of pu­berty to dis­play our new­ly­formed adult selves. And emerge we did, but of course the hor­monal highs and lows that fu­elled our teenage res aren’t as tran­sient as those ado­les­cent years. In fact, the fe­male body passes through sev­eral hor­monal phases over a life­time, and re­cal­i­brat­ing your hor­mones dur­ing each of these stages can help you to feel happy and healthy in both mind and body – what­ever hor­monal phase you are in.

For our hor­monal health spe­cial, we asked three ex­perts to talk us through our key hor­monal phases, and give us their prac­ti­cal tips on how to bal­ance our hor­mones and al­le­vi­ate many of the less en­joy­able symp­toms we can ex­pe­ri­ence – from mood swings to spots; bloat­ing to hot ushes.

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