There are no lim­its to what the mind can achieve.

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When I booked a trip to Nepal to study Buddhism, I didn’t re­alise how much I would learn about my­self. I loved prac­tic­ing yoga and the men­tal well­be­ing it brought me, and I wanted to gain and share a deeper un­der­stand­ing about the na­ture of the mind.

When I told a friend about my trip he sug­gested I trek to Ever­est Base Camp – that walk­ing the Himalayas is the real jour­ney to en­light­en­ment.

The idea gave me but­ter­flies. I’d never trekked be­fore, was scared of heights, and for a Brazil­ian the moun­tains in win­ter are not my nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment! But the trek would give me the chance to see if this med­i­ta­tion thing was work­ing. If I could re­main with an undis­turbed mind for this en­durance test it’d be a tan­gi­ble way to ex­pe­ri­ence the real bene ts of med­i­ta­tion. And, I al­ways en­cour­age peo­ple to run to­wards their fears.

With the av­er­age tem­per­a­ture at this time drop­ping to -17°C, I spoke to ad­ven­turer Bonita Nor­ris, who climbed Ever­est when she was only 22. I’ll never for­get her ad­vice: “When things get tough, all you have to fo­cus on is where your foot lands and keep mov­ing for­wards.”

Af­ter four weeks med­i­tat­ing in a monastery, I didn’t be­lieve my body would be ready for 4-8 hours a day trekking at high alti­tude. But I made a vow to be kind to my­self and re­spect my lim­its.

Nine days later, with­out a blis­ter or any sign of alti­tude sick­ness, eat­ing gar­lic soup for break­fast and pro­tein shakes for din­ner, I made it to Ever­est Base Camp. That day, I re­alised that there are no lim­its to what the mind can achieve. We all carry an un­be­liev­able amount of strength in­side us and as long as we show will­ing­ness to take the rst step, we’ll be sup­ported on our jour­ney.

Natalia Bojanic teaches mind­ful­ness via her med­i­ta­tion app, Sexy Mind. She is also the co-founder of plant-based nutri­tion brand Form (www.form­nu­tri­ She be­lieves that feel­ing good isa ne­ces­sity, and that we all have the abil­ity to re­alise the great­est ver­sion of our­selves.

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