Trick your taste­buds

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Many of us will fondly re­mem­ber the day that we rst mas­tered eat­ing with chop­sticks. But, be­yond a valu­able life skill, could they be the key to tastier food?

A group of sci­en­tists found that when they gave a set of sub­jects chop­sticks to eat a bowl of pop­corn with, they re­ported higher en­joy­ment lev­els and bet­ter-tast­ing pop­corn than an­other group who just ate it with their ngers. They con­cluded that, whether with chop­sticks or an­other in­ven­tive uten­sil, mix­ing up our eat­ing rou­tines can ac­tu­ally re­set our taste­buds and en­hance our eat­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

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