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“These are very in­tense episodes and were re­ally good to film,” grins Dun­can James, who plays the cop. “Now Ryan is be­ing more sym­pa­thetic to Ste, he needs some­one to blame – and Arm­strong is in his sights…”


“James is con­fi­dent his plan will work, but there’s never any cer­tainty when you go to trial,” teases Gre­gory Fin­negan, who plays the lawyer. “He blames Ste for the break­down of his re­la­tion­ship with John Paul, and wants pay­back!”


“Amy was go­ing to take the kids away, and Harry knew this would make Ste spi­ral out of con­trol,” re­calls Parry Glasspool, who plays Harry. “That’s a mo­tive to try to stop her, and rea­son enough for him to have been at the scene of the crime that night…”


“The fans re­ally think Arm­strong did it!” re­veals An­drew Hay­den-smith, who plays the dis­turbed de­tec­tive. “He’s a dangerous man, which we saw when he pushed Zack down the steps. I think he could be ca­pa­ble of killing!”

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