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No­body was more shocked than Sinead her­self when she aban­doned de­pend­able Ch­es­ney for a fling with brain­box Daniel. Her crazy gam­ble proved dis­as­trous once she got en­tan­gled with the barmy Bar­lows – so it’s no won­der she’s re­treated into the arms of re­li­able old Ches again.

But is Sinead’s heart re­ally in it? It doesn’t look like it at the be­gin­ning of the week, as she meets Daniel for a drink in the Bistro. How­ever, she swiftly aban­dons him after find­ing out Ch­es­ney has been rushed to hospi­tal – and there are more shocks in store when an un­ex­pected de­vel­op­ment re­veals a pre­vi­ously un­seen side of Ch­es­ney. So might Ches turn out to be her hero after all? Katie Mcg­lynn, who plays Sinead, reck­ons the jury is still out…

Do you think Sinead was right to get back to­gether with Ch­es­ney so soon after dump­ing Daniel?

She needed to get ev­ery­thing out of her sys­tem be­fore get­ting back with Ch­es­ney. Daniel turned out to be a psy­cho, and it was like go­ing home when she chose Ches. But there’s al­ways go­ing to be a spark be­tween her and Daniel be­cause of how abruptly they split up. Their re­la­tion­ship was very dif­fer­ent from the one she has with Ch­es­ney, who’s the safer op­tion!

So is Sinead think­ing with her head rather than her heart?

I think she is. Ch­es­ney’s the sort of guy you set­tle down and have kids with – I’m as­sum­ing he was her first love, but they’re like an old mar­ried cou­ple. Sinead’s a bit of a kook­ier char­ac­ter than that – she’s very pe­cu­liar! And that’s why it worked with Daniel, be­cause he’s a bit weird as well.

When Sinead meets up with Daniel, it seems she’s still torn be­tween her two blokes. But after Ch­es­ney is taken to hospi­tal, ev­ery­thing changes when a call comes in re­gard­ing his former girl­friend Katy, who moved to Por­tu­gal with their son Joseph two years ago. And soon Ches knocks Sinead for six with his ac­tions…

What is it that prompts Sinead to have such a dras­tic change of heart about Ches?

She’s just in awe of him, and of how de­ter­mined he is to get to Joseph. He’s got fire in his belly and is be­ing so coura­geous, even though he’s not at all well. He wants to be there for his son like a proper man. He’s tak­ing charge of his life, and he’s ac­tu­ally quite heroic. It’s like he’s Su­per­man, and Sinead is Lois Lane!

How much do you en­joy work­ing with Sam As­ton, who plays Ches – and have you missed work­ing so closely with Rob Mal­lard (Daniel)?

It’s great work­ing with both of them. Me and Sam just laugh all the time, we’re like brother and sis­ter – it’s dead funny. We’re just re­ally com­fort­able with each other. With Rob it’s very sim­i­lar, to be fair, but be­cause he’s quirky, I love watch­ing him and all the lit­tle things he does when we’re film­ing.

Ch­es­ney is the sort of guy you set­tle down and have kids with

Who do you per­son­ally think that Sinead should be with?

I would prob­a­bly say Daniel. It’s more of a dan­ger­ous re­la­tion­ship, but it’s also more ex­cit­ing – she’ll al­ways hold a can­dle for him. Daniel is more of a gam­ble than Ch­es­ney, but I think at Sinead’s age, that’s what she’d go for.

If Daniel found him­self a new lady, do you think Sinead would mind?

I think she’d think it was good, ac­tu­ally. If he’s on his own, then she’ll al­ways be won­der­ing, ‘What if?’. But if he’s with some­one else, she’ll know she can’t go there again and that she’s made the right de­ci­sion to be with Ch­es­ney…

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