Michelle lashes out at Tom

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Hor­ri­fied Michelle launches a tirade against her former flame Tom this week, as she finds the creepy fella fol­low­ing her yet again.

Michelle can’t be­lieve it when she spies Tom keep­ing a close eye on her on the Tube, and then shad­ow­ing her as she goes about her busi­ness in Wal­ford. His scary an­tics are driv­ing her crazy, and best pal Sharon is ter­ri­fied for her safety. So as Michelle sees Tom lurk­ing about the Square, she can’t hold her tem­per.

“Enough is enough – Tom has pushed Michelle to her limit,” says our Easten­ders snoop. “She is sick of his twisted be­hav­iour, and the strain he’s putting on her when her fam­ily is in the mid­dle of a cri­sis. Michelle needs to be strong for Martin right now, but it’s hard with Tom stalk­ing her. She just wants him to stay the hell away from her.”

It’s a sit­u­a­tion that has spi­ralled so fast that Michelle can’t get her head around it. Tom barely knows her, and yet he is com­pletely ob­sessed with her. His be­hav­iour is un­hinged and in­tru­sive – and even Michelle telling the po­lice hasn’t put a stop to his ac­tions. And while Sharon was ini­tially fu­ri­ous that Tom kept ring­ing the Mitchell house to make silent calls all hours of the day and night, she’s now wor­ried that her friend is in real dan­ger.

Al­though Michelle found Tom a nui­sance when he wouldn’t take no for an an­swer, she didn’t think of him as a threat. How­ever, he’s gone far past be­ing a bit keen to be­com­ing a fully-fledged stalker. It’s hor­ri­ble to know what he could be lurk­ing around ev­ery cor­ner, watch­ing her and the peo­ple she loves. All Michelle wants to do is to get on with her life, and for­get she ever met Tom.

But with the po­lice probe into him so far fail­ing to dig up enough ev­i­dence to have him ar­rested, it seems there is no end to this hor­rific or­deal for poor Michelle. So when she en­coun­ters Tom in the Square once more this week, it’s no sur­prise that she loses it – grab­bing her tor­men­tor by the throat and scream­ing at him in front of her neigh­bours.

“Michelle could have never known that the charm­ing man she met on the Un­der­ground was a psy­cho!” ex­claims our spy. “After ev­ery­thing he’s done, Michelle reach­ing the end of

Michelle just wants Tom to stay the hell away from her…”

her tether is un­der­stand­able. There’s no doubt that she has made some ter­ri­ble de­ci­sions when it comes to men, but Tom has her fear­ing for her life!”

So will Michelle’s ac­tions put an end to her night­mare, or will they only lead to more trou­ble?

What will it take for Tom to fi­nally leave Michelle alone?

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