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“Now that’s ironic, isn’t it? You’ve tried to kill me three times, and you can’t even kill your­self once.” Phelan has a great knack for keep­ing Andy up to date with ex­actly how use­less he is. “The baby is Pete’s, and it’s fine. Moira is weak, but she’s fine. Emma isn’t fine, be­cause she killed her­self. She prob­a­bly hasn’t been fine for ages, only I didn’t see it. And those lads who lost their fa­ther have now lost their mother and their brother. And she wasn’t ba­nanas, she was ill. And now she’s dead. Has that an­swered ev­ery­one’s ques­tions?” If you’ve not been keep­ing up with Em­merdale, vicar Har­riet can be re­lied upon to en­sure you know what’s been go­ing on. “I’ve spent the best years of my life here… You and me, we’ve gone through a lot to­gether, I’ll say we have. But do you know? I wouldn’t have had it any other way.” When Rita started talk­ing to the ac­tual Street it­self, we feared the worst. But ‘yay!’ for happy end­ings! “It’s been lovely, but I’d rather stare into space right now, thanks.” “You can do what you like, once you’ve told us where we can find your God-both­er­ing ma­niac of a mother.” She loves a toy boy. He likes a bit of posh. what a pair­ing these two would make! “Fill your boots, mate. So­nia’s as free as a bird. Some­times prefers birds, ac­tu­ally.” Martin and So­nia have such a healthy re­la­tion­ship as exes, he’s happy to pimp her out.

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