BABY SHOCK IN THE DALES! She was left at death’s door after Emma’s fiery re­venge, but the big­gest gasp of the night came when stunned Moira went into labour inside the burn­ing barn – with­out even know­ing she was preg­nant!

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I thought Moira was mak­ing it up when she said she was hav­ing a baby, only to re­alise she meant it – and it’s Pete’s too! Let’s hope she sur­vives… Louise, Le­ices­ter

Moira turn­ing out to be preg­nant and trapped in the burn­ing barn was a real nail­biter! It was bril­liant. I hope this means some hap­pi­ness for her after los­ing Holly. Zoe, Cleck­heaton I won­der whether Moira re­ally does be­lieve Pete is the baby’s fa­ther – has she for­got­ten about her night of pas­sion with Cain? She slept with both men in such a short space of time that it’s too close to call! But I hope it is Cain’s, and this baby is the thing to re­unite them. Ian, Dorset We barely got a chance to re­cover from this sur­prise be­fore Emma’s ram­page brought an­other big twist… Why did poor Finn have to be a ca­su­alty of Emma’s mad­ness? He’s such a lovely guy, and in spite of ev­ery­thing she’s done, he gen­uinely seemed will­ing to help his mum. I re­ally wasn’t ex­pect­ing him to die after tak­ing a bul­let! Me­gan, Berk­shire

Love or hate the char­ac­ter of Emma, she has with­out doubt given us some ex­cel­lent drama through­out her reign. She has been twisted and com­plex, and Gil­lian Kear­ney is an out­stand­ing ac­tress. She’ll be very much missed from the Dales! Chris, Co. Cork I don’t think we’ll for­get Emma Bar­ton in a hurry!

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