Ber­nice: cursed and con­fused!


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Des­per­ate Ber­nice comes up with a plan to off­load Mrs Dumphreys’ for­tune this week – but who will be the lucky re­cip­i­ent?

Hav­ing taken the win­ning bet­ting slip and claimed the £90k won by her late cus­tomer at the races, Ber­nice is sick with worry. She now be­lieves that Mrs Dumphreys’ money is tainted and that she’s pay­ing the price for her de­ceit. But how can she re­turn the cash to the right­ful heir of Mrs Dumphreys’ es­tate with­out ad­mit­ting what she’s done?

“Ber­nice is wor­ried about karma catch­ing up with her!” warns Sa­man­tha Giles, who plays the beau­ti­cian. “She knows she and Ni­cola did the wrong thing by keep­ing the money, and she’s very anx­ious. Ber­nice feels so bad about it that she doesn’t want to keep it.”

The trouble is, Ber­nice al­lowed her greedy sis­ter to con­vince her to claim the prize, hav­ing ma­nip­u­lated her by talk­ing about the legacy they’d leave for their kids. How­ever, the stress of the lies and de­cep­tion is tak­ing its toll on Ber­nice, and she even breaks out in hives!

“They thought that Mrs Dumphreys had no rel­a­tives, so no one was go­ing to be any the wiser,” ex­plains

Sam. “But the so­lic­i­tor has tracked down some­one who’s re­lated to her, so Ber­nice goes to the funeral to find out their iden­tity. She does dis­cover who it is – and it’s a bit of a sur­prise!”

Em­merdale is keep­ing the iden­tity of Mrs Dumphreys’ heir un­der wraps, though Sam tells us that it kicks off an­other mad plan from her al­ter ego.

“Ber­nice sets up a raf­fle in the sa­lon and de­cides to rig it so that this per­son pulls out the win­ning ticket,” she laughs. “It’s some­body in the vil­lage, fun­nily enough! She, Ni­cola and Jimmy think that if the right per­son wins the raf­fle, they’ll have sorted it. But of course, it all goes wrong…”

“Ber­nice is wor­ried about karma catch­ing up with her”

Ber­nice could be left hive and dry when all this hits the fan!

Ber­nice faces Ni­cola’s wrath as she con­tin­ues to have mis­giv­ings

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