“I’m taking an­other woman’s baby!”

Inside Soap - - THE BIG INTERVIEW - Toyah ANON

Sorry – I don’t want to re­veal my name and I’ve dis­guised my­self in my pho­to­graph. But here’s my story… af­ter fail­ing to con­ceive by IVF, my part­ner and I used a sur­ro­gate. But the sur­ro­gate lost our baby and I haven’t told any­one! Then I found out that my sort-of­step­sis­ter was plan­ning an abor­tion, so I’ve of­fered to pre­tend that her baby is mine. I just want to check… this is all nor­mal, isn’t it? Yours hope­fully, Oh, lovey – you’re in a bit of a pickle! Fun­nily enough, I work with a lass who also had a ter­ri­ble time with IVF and is us­ing a sur­ro­gate her­self. But that’s all go­ing well, I’m happy to say – and even if it weren’t, she wouldn’t be such a daft ’apeth as to lie about it! I mean, her fella’s a ra­gin’ al­co­holic, and find­ing out some­thing like that would send him straight to the bot­tom of a bot­tle of Bell’s.

But enough about my

Toyah, this is sup­posed to be about you, in’t it? My ad­vice is: that all sounds like a great plan. Least said, soon­est mended, an’ all that. Keep your gob shut, and I’m sure noth­ing can go wrong.

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