Tina to be re­u­nited with Zsa Zsa?


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Luisa Brad­shaw-white is one of our favourite soap stars. Fun, funny and to­tally ir­re­press­ible – when you meet her, you’re soon sigh­ing wist­fully, “Oh, I wish that she was a mate of mine”.

Of course, Luisa’s East­end­ers al­ter ego Tina is game for a laugh as well – at least most of the time. How­ever, Tina’s highs tend to be fol­lowed by ter­ri­ble lows, when she’s left to deal with the con­se­quences of her devil-may-care mis­ad­ven­tures. Her one-night stand with Billy Mitchell is the talk of the Square – and the gos­sips will have yet more to chat about when they hear what Tina gets up to this week…

“She wakes up with a tat­too that she has no mem­ory of get­ting!” chuck­les Luisa, who joins us to rake over the de­tails of Tina’s lat­est an­tics. “The day be­fore, she gets re­ally drunk with kids’ en­ter­tainer Magic Marv, who’s putting on a show at the com­mu­nity cen­tre.

Then she wakes up the next day with a shock­ing hang­over and this tat­too.

“She’s hor­ri­fied by it, and it makes her think about her life,” adds the star. “But it’s fun to play Tina when she’s go­ing off the rails and her life is a com­plete sham­bles!”

Poor Tina has been strug­gling to hold her head up in Wal­ford ever since Billy un­wit­tingly blurted out the truth about

Tina isn’t proud of the way she’s been be­hav­ing

their night to­gether to his fi­ancée Honey. To add to Tina’s shame, Honey also knows that she was be­hind the hit-and-run ac­ci­dent that put her and Billy’s young daugh­ter Janet in hos­pi­tal last Hal­loween.

“Tina is car­ry­ing this huge guilt about split­ting up Billy and Honey,” says Luisa. “She’s not in a good place, and she isn’t proud of the way she’s been be­hav­ing. Mean­while, Shirley is be­ing quite mean to Tina as she is con­cerned she’s just not get­ting her life to­gether.”

Af­ter a lec­ture about her be­hav­iour from both Shirley and Kathy, Tina knows it’s time she turned over a new leaf. But then her world is shaken by a blast from the past.

Rush­ing to the aid of a heav­ily preg­nant girl at the café, Tina does her best to help – though she’s later puz­zled when she spots the same girl at the Vic, and Shirley giv­ing her money! When she con­fronts the pair, Tina learns that the girl is a friend of her es­tranged daugh­ter Zsa Zsa named Ge­orgi.

“Zsa Zsa has sent Ge­orgi to the Square to get help,” Luisa tells us. “Ge­orgi has badly fallen out with her own mum, you see. The prob­lem is, Tina is left feel­ing put out that Zsa Zsa has never both­ered to get in touch to ex­plain all this.

“To add in­sult to in­jury, it turns out that Zsa Zsa has asked Shirley to help Ge­orgi in­stead of Tina – which makes

Tina think about the cur­rent state of her re­la­tion­ship with Zsa Zsa. They’ve been go­ing through a ‘bad patch’ for years, and Tina’s not ma­ture enough to fix it.” All this talk of Zsa Zsa means In­side Soap sim­ply has to ask the big ques­tion: does Luisa want mother and daugh­ter to kiss and make up af­ter all this time?

“It would be in­ter­est­ing to see Tina try to pick up where she left off with Zsa Zsa,” reck­ons the star. “But even if Tina wants to have a re­la­tion­ship with Zsa Zsa again, she’s pet­ri­fied about hav­ing her back in her life af­ter so long.

“If Zsa Zsa ever comes back, Tina will need to be tough enough to deal with huge amounts of grief be­cause of all the mis­takes she has made as a mum.”

Prob­lem child: Zsa Zsa hasn’t been in Wal­ford for al­most a decade

Preg­nant pause: Stunned Tina has a lot of ques­tions for Zsa Zsa’s trou­bled friend Ge­orgi

A turn-up for Tina: What will Ge­orgi’s ar­rival mean for the con­fused Carter?

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