Aaron dumps Alex for Robert!


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Aaron dumps his boyfriend Alex this week – af­ter he grows jeal­ous of ex Robert hit­ting the town on the hunt for a new man.

Robert’s im­promptu night out is or­gan­ised when Aaron asks Alex to move in with him – on his and Robert’s wed­ding an­niver­sary of all days. But as up­set Robert is dragged out to a gay bar by his sis­ter Vic­to­ria, Aaron is hot on his heels, des­per­ate to talk. So will this be the mo­ment Ro­bron fi­nally get back to­gether?

“Aaron sees Robert talk­ing to this good-look­ing lad – and his true emo­tions are brought to the sur­face,” shares Danny Miller, who plays Aaron. “Aaron has been bat­tling his feel­ings and try­ing to move on from Robert – but when he finds out Vic­to­ria’s taking him to a gay bar, this new level of jeal­ousy opens up, and he just wants to put an end to it. So he goes there to talk to Robert about the pos­si­bil­ity of try­ing again…”

As Alex moves into Mill Cot­tage, Robert is mor­ti­fied, and Vic­to­ria feels his pain. Even though she in­sti­gates his night on the pull, she in­vites Aaron to the bar as well – af­ter sens­ing that Aaron is yet to draw a line un­der his for­mer re­la­tion­ship, de­spite the big plans with his new beau.

“Part of the rea­son Aaron asks Alex to move in is the guilt of hav­ing very nearly cheated with Robert re­cently,” ex­plains Danny. “But there’s also a prob­lem with Alex’s boiler, and he’s been in trou­ble at work, so Aaron is just try­ing to help him out – as Aaron does! The fact that he and Robert al­most kissed means that Aaron has re­alised things with Robert run deep, and he’s not sure he can see a fu­ture with Alex af­ter all.”

So the last thing he ex­pects af­ter ar­riv­ing at the bar is to bump into Alex, who’s there for a drink with a work­mate! How­ever, there’s a big­ger shock in store for Aaron when he spots Robert be­ing chat­ted up by a hand­some stranger. The shock of see­ing Robert mov­ing on gives Aaron the mo­ment of clar­ity he needs – and he breaks up with Alex.

“Alex is the only ob­sta­cle block­ing Aaron’s way back to Robert,” ad­mits Danny. “Re­al­is­ti­cally, he’s only been try­ing to make things work with Alex be­cause his mum Chas says it’s such a good idea, and Liv keeps telling

Alex is clever, good­look­ing and he won’t cheat on Aaron…”

him that he needs to move on from Robert. She’s very sup­port­ive of Alex, too.

“But Aaron feels re­lieved when he fin­ishes things for good,” con­tin­ues the ac­tor. “It’s the first time he’s ad­mit­ted that he misses Robert, and he can’t come up with any more ex­cuses. Alex is a great per­son – he’s a doc­tor, he’s clever, he’s good-look­ing, and he won’t cheat on Aaron. But Aaron’s feel­ings for Robert are just too strong to ig­nore!”

Once Alex has left, Aaron fi­nally makes his way over to Robert – but what will his ex make of what Aaron has to say? And can they man­age to work things out at last?

“I think they’d be in a health­ier place this time,” says Danny. “Robert has ma­tured be­cause of his son Seb – hav­ing to man up and be an al­most sin­gle dad since Re­becca was in­jured in the crash. And Alex has given Aaron a dif­fer­ent out­look, too. It’s all about grow­ing up, and it’s an in­ter­est­ing new con­cept for them both…”

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