A trans­plant isn’t a straight­for­ward op­er­a­tion for Carla…

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Ai­dan’s kid­ney may be a match, but that doesn’t mean Carla’s body will ac­cept it. Kid­ney trans­plants can fail, though on av­er­age 75 per cent of trans­planted kid­neys sur­vive for 10 years or more.

The op­er­a­tion isn’t the end of the story. Carla will still have to take drugs for the rest of her life to pre­vent her body from at­tack­ing the new kid­ney. These weaken the im­mune sys­tem, leav­ing her prone to in­fec­tions or a se­ri­ous ill­ness such as cancer.

If Carla’s body does re­ject Ai­dan’s kid­ney, she can have an­other trans­plant. If no other rel­a­tives were able to do­nate, Carla could be put on the wait­ing list for an­other donor – but she would have to un­dergo dial­y­sis in the mean­time to keep her alive.

A healthy diet and life­style is espe­cially im­por­tant for those who have re­ceived a trans­plant. Carla will have to lay off the Shi­raz for a start! She’ll need reg­u­lar check-ups to make sure her kid­ney is per­form­ing as it should.

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