iOS 14: Add, re­move and cus­tom­ize wid­gets

The to­tally new home screen of iOS 14 lets you place wid­gets any­where. Ja­son Cross re­ports

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Ap­ple has an­nounced iOS 14, and it’s the first time in years that the com­pany has made sig­nif­i­cant changes to the home screen. There are sev­eral new fea­tures, but per­haps the most sig­nif­i­cant change is the new Wid­gets sys­tem. We’ve had Wid­gets on the To­day View (the screen to the left of your first Home screen) for years, but not a lot of peo­ple

use that screen. And what’s the point of glance­able in­for­ma­tion if you have to swipe around to see it?

With iOS 14, Ap­ple is re­plac­ing the old wid­gets with all new ones that are more dy­namic, can pull in more in­for­ma­tion, come in three sizes, and most im­por­tantly, can be placed any­where on the home screen. Here’s how you work with wid­gets in iOS 14.

Add Wid­gets

To get started with wid­gets, you’ll want to en­ter ‘jig­gle mode’. Just press and hold any­where on the screen for a few sec­onds. It’s eas­i­est to press an empty space – if you press on an app icon, you’ll get that app’s con­text menu. If you do, you can keep hold­ing and you’ll go to jig­gle mode, or tap ‘Edit Home Screen’.

Once in this mode, tap the ‘+’ sym­bol in the up­per left cor­ner of the screen. This will pop up the Wid­gets menu.

From here you can scroll through in­stalled wid­gets or use the search bar to find one. As you in­stall more apps and they start to sup­port the new Wid­gets for­mat, you may have a lot to choose from.

Tap the wid­get you want to add, and you’ll see an ex­pla­na­tion and pre­view. Swipe left and right to see all your op­tions – some Wid­gets have mul­ti­ple styles. The Notes wid­get, for ex­am­ple, can show a sin­gle note or a folder.

Wid­gets can come in three sizes. Small wid­gets are the same size as a two‑by‑two block of app icons. Medium wid­gets are two icons high, but four icons wide (tak­ing up the en­tire width of your home screen). Large wid­gets are four icons wide and four icons tall.

Once you have picked a wid­get and its size, tap Add Wid­get at the bot­tom of the screen. The Wid­get you

have picked will be placed on your home screen, but you’re still in ‘jig­gle mode’ and can move it around. To place it on a dif­fer­ent home screen, drag it left or right. You can even place mul­ti­ple copies of the same Wid­get. You can re­ar­range Wid­gets at any time by en­ter­ing ‘jig­gle mode’ and then just drag­ging them around.

Re­move Wid­gets

Re­mov­ing Wid­gets is as easy as re­mov­ing apps. Just en­ter ‘jig­gle mode’ and tap the lit­tle ‘‑’ but­ton in the up­per left cor­ner of the wid­get.

Use the Smart Stack

Ap­ple has a spe­cial Wid­get called the Smart Stack.

It is a stack of wid­gets in small or medium size that au­to­mat­i­cally ro­tates to show what your iPhone thinks

is the most use­ful Wid­get for you at the time. It takes into ac­count your usual app use, the time of day, and your lo­ca­tion, and does all of this lo­cally on your iPhone so no data is sent to Ap­ple or any­one else.

Just open the Wid­gets panel as de­scribed above and choose Smart Stack.

Af­ter plac­ing it on your screen, you can flip through the Wid­gets in the stack by swip­ing up and down on it.

You can change the or­der of the Wid­gets in the stack, or re­move them en­tirely. Tap and hold on the Smart Stack Wid­get un­til the con­text menu pops up. You can re­move the Wid­get you’re on, or choose Edit Stack.

From the stack edit screen, you can turn off that Smart Ro­tate fea­ture with the tog­gle up top. You can tap and drag the lit­tle grab bars on the right to change the stack or­der, or swipe to the left to delete an item from the stack.

Cre­ate your own Wid­gets stack

You can make your own Smart Stack by sim­ple drag­ging Wid­gets on top of each other.

Just place Wid­gets how you nor­mally would. Drag any two Wid­gets of the same size on top of each other, and you’ve got a new stack. It works just like mak­ing a folder with app icons.

You can edit your stack the same way you do the Smart Stack. Turn Smart Ro­tate on or off, re­order the Wid­gets, or re­move the ones you no longer want.

To add Wid­gets to your home screen, en­ter ‘jig­gle mode’ and tap the icon in the up­per left

Wid­gets come in three sizes and some­times mul­ti­ple vari­ants. Swipe through them be­fore adding

You can also long-press on a Wid­get and se­lect ‘Re­move Wid­get’ from the con­text menu

The Smart Stack cy­cles through Wid­gets in­tel­li­gently through­out the day. You can cus­tom­ize it, too

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