iOS 14: Use pic­ture‑in‑pic­ture on your iPhone

The iPad fea­ture comes to iPhone, and it may change the way you watch videos and make FaceTime calls. Ja­son Cross re­ports

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Ap­ple first im­ple­mented pic­ture‑in‑pic­ture on the iPad way back in iOS 9, and users have been clam­our­ing for it to come to the iPhone ever since. With iOS 14, Ap­ple is fi­nally giv­ing us our wish. PIP is com­ing to iPhone, and it works al­most ex­actly like it does on iPad. Apps need to in­cor­po­rate sup­port

for the fea­ture, though. Dur­ing the early beta days, you can use the TV app or any video that streams in Sa­fari, but pop­u­lar apps like Net­flix and YouTube have not yet im­ple­mented PIP sup­port. That will likely change by the time iOS 14 is re­leased in the au­tumn.

Use pic­ture-in-pic­ture

To start watch­ing a video in PIP mode, just tap the PIP icon in the up­per left. You’ll have to be us­ing an app that sup­ports PIP video like the TV app or Sa­fari.

The video will shrink down into the cor­ner. Tap it to view sim­ple con­trols. Dou­ble‑tap it to change the video size: small, medium or large.

If you want to ex­pand the video back to full screen, tap the PIP mode but­ton in the up­per right of the PIP video box.

If you want to close the PIP video en­tirely, tap the close but­ton in the up­per left of the PIP video box.

You can drag the PIP video to any cor­ner of your iPhone dis­play. At the large size, it takes up the en­tire width (in por­trait ori­en­ta­tion) and can just move to the top or bot­tom.

If you want to hide the video but keep the au­dio play­ing, just swipe it off the edge of the screen. You’ll see a lit­tle tab where the video is hid­den off the screen. You can drag the tab up or down to get it out of the

way of what­ever app you’re us­ing, and swipe it back to re­store the video.

Use PIP in a FaceTime call

Mak­ing a FaceTime call go into PIP mode is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than other video. There’s no ob­vi­ous PIP mode but­ton. In­stead, just leave the FaceTime app – swipe up to re­turn to the home screen or swipe right along the bot­tom edge to jump to the pre­vi­ous app. Do­ing this in pre­vi­ous ver­sions of iOS would cause your call con­tinue with­out you see­ing it, but in iOS 14 your call will au­to­mat­i­cally shrink into a PIP win­dow.

Watch YouTube in PIP

Un­til YouTube re­leases a ver­sion of its app that is com­pat­i­ble with pic­ture‑in‑pic­ture, you’ll have to use

Sa­fari. Go to the YouTube web­site in Sa­fari and start play­ing a video. Then tap the lit­tle box in the cor­ner of the video to en­ter full‑screen mode. You’ll then see the PIP but­ton in the up­per left, or you can sim­ply swipe up to re­turn to your home screen.

To en­ter PIP mode, tap the PIP but­ton in the up­per left on a full-screen video

Tap the but­ton in the up­per right to switch your PIP video to full-screen mode

Drag the video off screen to turn it into a lit­tle tab, and drag it back to re­store it

Just leave your FaceTime call page with­out hang­ing up and it will au­to­mat­i­cally go into PIP mode

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