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Wel­come to this is­sue of iPad & iPhone User, the only guide you need to the won­der­ful world of Ap­ple iDe­vices. Let’s kick off with the big news: the new iPads are here! And this is a good thing.

The iPhone re­mains an ex­cel­lent smart­phone, and the best all-round ex­pe­ri­ence for mo­bile use. But ri­val plat­forms and smart­phone mak­ers have all-but caught up with Ap­ple’s flag­ship phone, in some cases of­fer­ing sim­i­larly spec­i­fied prod­ucts for a lot less.

This is cat­e­gor­i­cally not the case in the tablet world, in which the iPad sits head and shoul­ders above An­droid and Win­dows pre­tenders. The iPad Air 2 is the most pow­er­ful tablet you can buy. It is thin­ner than you can imag­ine, and its bat­tery life is stag­ger­ing. But don’t take my word for it, read our iPad Air 2 re­view on page op­po­site. And although there hasn’t been as big an up­date the iPad mini 3 re­mains the best smaller tablet you can buy. We tell you why on page 9.

Of course, iPads and iPhones are only as good as the plat­form on which they run. iOS 8 caused some con­ster­na­tion when first it launched, as it caused some prob­lems with up­graded iPhones and iPads. Th­ese is­sues have been fixed with iOS 8.1, as we ex­plain on page 71.

Whether you are an iPhone- or and iPad user (or both), you’ve come to the right place to read about what is new in the iOS world. En­joy!

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