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Move your old num­ber across to a sec­ond-hand phone

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The iPhone is so much like a mo­bile com­puter that it can be easy to forget that it’s still a phone. And like all phones, your iPhone has a phone num­ber. But what if you want to change your num­ber? Here we’ll look at the num­ber on your

iPhone, how to ac­cess it, what it does, and how to go about chang­ing the phone num­ber on your iPhone.

Find your iPhone’s phone num­ber

The rise of the mo­bile has grad­u­ally worn away at our abil­ity to re­mem­ber our phone num­bers. Partly it’s be­cause the num­bers them­selves are longer than the five-digit home num­bers we used to have back in the 1990s; but more im­por­tantly it’s quite rare th­ese days that you ac­tu­ally need to re­mem­ber it. The Re­cents sec­tion of the Phone app has put paid to that.

Re­gard­less of why you can’t re­call your phone num­ber, the eas­i­est way to find your iPhone’s num­ber is to dive into Set­tings.

Go to Set­tings

Scroll down to the fifth sec­tion and tap Phone

You’ll find your phone num­ber at the top of the screen, la­belled My Num­ber.

Change the num­ber listed in Set­tings

The Phone sec­tion of Set­tings can also be used to change the num­ber on your iPhone. Here’s how to change the phone num­ber on your iPhone.

Go to Set­tings

Tap Phone

Tap My Num­ber

Use the delete but­ton to re­move the old num­ber

Use the key­pad to en­ter the new num­ber

Tap Save

Restart the iPhone

from your old num­ber to a new num­ber. Some providers al­low you to trans­fer your num­ber for free, while oth­ers levy a charge. Here are some links to in­for­ma­tion on chang­ing your num­ber for pop­u­lar UK mo­bile phone providers:

O2 Cus­tomer Ser­vices­tac­tus





If you want to change your num­ber be­cause you’re re­ceiv­ing ha­rass­ing phone calls, it’s par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant to let the phone com­pany know be­cause they will have spe­cial pro­ce­dures in place to deal with nui­sance call­ers. In the mean­time you can choose to block the nui­sance num­ber.

Be warned, how­ever, that chang­ing the phone num­ber listed in Set­tings may not achieve the ef­fect you are look­ing for.

When you change the num­ber in the Phone app, this doesn’t change the num­ber that you use to call peo­ple (or that they use to call you). Your SIM card (the card pro­vided by your phone com­pany) de­ter­mines that num­ber. If some­body di­als your old num­ber, they’ll still get through to you. And if you call some­body, they’ll still see your old phone num­ber.

Chang­ing the num­ber in Set­tings is use­ful when en­sur­ing that it matches the num­ber pro­vided by your phone com­pany – if you move to a new phone or a new provider, for in­stance.

The num­ber listed in Set­tings should match the num­ber on your SIM; in­deed, if you change the num­ber to some­thing else, it should re­vert to the old num­ber so that it matches the SIM. It’s im­por­tant to check, how­ever, be­cause it doesn’t al­ways switch. This is es­pe­cially im­por­tant if you picked up your phone sec­ond-hand be­cause it may still have the old num­ber.

Con­tact your phone provider

If you want to change your ac­tual phone num­ber to a dif­fer­ent num­ber in the sense that most peo­ple would understand it – your friends will need to call a new num­ber to reach you, the new num­ber ap­pears on your friends’ phones when you call them, and the old num­ber won’t work any more – then you’ll need to get in touch with your mo­bile phone com­pany and ask them to do it for you. This can­not be ac­com­plished on the iPhone it­self. Most phone providers of­fer an on­line ser­vice so you can switch

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