10 best iPad Pro apps

The 10 apps you should down­load now

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1. Pa­per Price: Free

There are no short­age of writ­ing and paint­ing apps on the iPad, but FiftyThree’s Pa­per is the one to get first. This app en­ables you to sketch, and draw, with a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent pens, pen­cils and brushes, and the scis­sors act like cut-and-paste but for your scrib­bles. There’s also a neat Pen and Ruler tool that you can use to draw ar­rows, squares, tri­an­gles and other shapes (it makes for an ef­fec­tive flow­chart too).

When it comes to pick­ing the best apps for iPad, we chose Pa­per hands-down to be num­ber one in

our list. No other app recre­ates the ex­pe­ri­ence of work­ing with a phys­i­cal medium quite as well. Like its name sug­gests, its pa­per for your iPad.

2. MyScript Cal­cu­la­tor Price: Free

De­bate rages fiercely as to which cal­cu­la­tor app is the best for the iPad Pro. MyScript Cal­cu­la­tor is slightly dif­fer­ent from the rest, in that you sketch out sums as if you were draw­ing them on pa­per (rather than tap­ping but­tons).

As you sketch num­bers, and sym­bols they are an­a­lysed and the sum is cal­cu­lated. It’s like magic pa­per that per­forms cal­cu­la­tions for you. In many ways MyScript Cal­cu­la­tor is more in­tu­itive than other cal­cu­la­tors, and we love be­ing able to sketch

out sums while we study. Above all, MyScript Cal­cu­la­tor is one of those apps that feels tai­lor­made for the iPad Pro.

3. Pix­el­ma­tor Price: £3.99

No top 10 list of iPad Pro apps would be com­plete with­out Pix­el­ma­tor. While we agree that Pix­el­ma­tor isn’t the most left­field choice for a “best iPad Pro apps” fea­ture, it’s still got to be on the list.

Pix­el­ma­tor is the most pow­er­ful im­age-edit­ing app on the App Store, and it’s a tes­ta­ment as to what App Store de­vel­op­ers can achieve. With full Ap­ple Pen­cil in­te­gra­tion it’s an ab­so­lute must-have for any­body who works with im­ages. And at just £3.99 it’s shock­ingly good value for money.

4. Om­niGraf­fle 2 Price: £39.99

Sooner or later you need to make a di­a­gram, chart, or a flow­chart on your iPad Pro and you’ll won­der what the best di­a­gram-mak­ing app is: won­der no more, it’s Om­niGraf­fle 2. At £39.99 Om­niGraf­fle isn’t a cheap app (al­though it’s rea­son­able in the world of full-priced com­mer­cial soft­ware), but this isn’t like other apps. Om­niGraf­fle 2 for the iPad Pro is ev­ery bit as pow­er­ful as its desk­top coun­ter­part, which is used by de­sign­ers world­wide.

With the Ap­ple Pen­cil you can drag and drop el­e­ments from the ex­ten­sive li­brary onto the page,

and mark them up with the Smart Key­board. You can de­sign ev­ery­thing from app in­ter­faces to knit­ting pat­terns, from govern­ment charts to warn­ing signs.

It is a pow­er­ful app, and well worth ev­ery penny.

5. Chunky Price: Free

Read­ing comics and graphic nov­els on your iPad Pro may seem a lit­tle friv­o­lous, but read­ing comics on the iPad Pro is an ex­cep­tional ex­pe­ri­ence.

Most comic books are larger than the old iPad’s win­dow, but they fit neatly to the iPad Pro’s 12.9in dis­play. And the vi­brancy and colour of the iPad Pro dis­play is in­cred­i­ble when look­ing at dig­i­tally drawn comic books. Chunky is our pick for the best comic book read­ing app on the iPad, and it has in­te­grated sup­port for all the ma­jor cloud ser­vices. So if you have some comic book files around, up­load them to Chunky and see how glo­ri­ous they look on an iPad Pro’s dis­play.

6. As­sem­bly Price: Free

There are lots of great il­lus­tra­tion apps for the iPad Pro, but the one that’s stolen our heart is As­sem­bly.

Rather than ask you to draw ev­ery­thing from scratch, it of­fers a range of shapes that click to­gether to build ob­jects. It’s easy to slot to­gether dif­fer­ent types of blocks, and we find it eas­ier to make things with As­sem­bly than any other il­lus­tra­tion app.

While sea­soned il­lus­tra­tion pros may blanch at As­sem­bly, we think it’s great for com­posit­ing to­gether an idea, and some of the il­lus­tra­tions look amaz­ing. As­sem­bly has also got great sup­port for shar­ing your cre­ations, and us­ing cre­ations made by other peo­ple.

7. Pro­cre­ate Price: £4.49

Pro­cre­ate is an­other app that we re­ally couldn’t leave off this list. Pro­cre­ate is the best pure paint­ing

and draw­ing app for the iPad. With the Ap­ple Pen­cil, Pro­cre­ate has re­ally come to life, and it’s now in its el­e­ment. With a huge ar­ray of brushes to choose from, you can ink, paint and air­brush just about any cre­ation. It works won­der­fully with the Ap­ple pen­cil too. If any app can kick­start your cre­ative streak, it’s Pro­cre­ate.

8. 1Pass­word Price: Free

The iPad Pro is a much more pow­er­ful de­vice than you’d imag­ine, and it of­ten serves as a lap­top re­place­ment. It can’t do ev­ery­thing; but some things it does much bet­ter than a MacBook. So we of­ten find our­selves bounc­ing be­tween a MacBook and iPad Pro, and th­ese days we need to re­mem­ber hun­dreds of pass­words.

1Pass­word elim­i­nates a lot of the has­sle of get­ting on­line, by re­mem­ber­ing all your pass­words and fill­ing them out as you go. It also works across PC

and other com­put­ers, and you can sync ev­ery­thing se­curely. We find 1Pass­word to be an app we re­ally don’t want to live with­out.

9. Liq­uidText Price: Free

The iPad Pro’s larger screen makes it ideal for read­ing PDF doc­u­ments (much more so than the

reg­u­lar iPad). There are a lot of good op­tions around for PDF read­ing, but we’ve warmed to Liq­uidText.

As well as be­ing great to look at, its stand­out fea­ture is you can drag text snip­pets to a hold­ing area to cre­ate book­marks. You then use a pinch ges­ture to cram the text into one screen, dis­play­ing just your book­marks. Sounds odd? We find it works when work­ing through a doc­u­ment and tak­ing notes.

10. Photoshop Fix Price: Free

Adobe hasn’t brought the full ver­sion of Photoshop to the iPad, in­stead it’s split up all its fea­tures into dif­fer­ent apps. Photoshop Fix is the one most peo­ple will love, and it of­fers a quick range of fixes for your shots. We’re par­tic­u­larly fond of the Liquify > Face op­tion, which au­to­mat­i­cally de­tects face points and en­ables you change frowns into smiles (or vice versa), as well as en­large or re­duce fa­cial fea­tures.

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