10 tips for iOS 10

Lucy Hat­ter­s­ley’s tips and tricks will en­sure you get the most out of iOS 10’s new fea­tures

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1. Swipe left and right on the Home screen

When you first in­stall iOS 10, you’ll be pre­sented with a new Home screen. We find this change the most jar­ring, un­lock­ing our iPhone and iPad has mostly re­mained the same process: swipe right and en­ter your pass­code.

With Touch ID now firmly en­trenched on all new Ap­ple de­vices, Ap­ple’s de­cided that the swipe to un­lock ges­ture is no longer re­quired. In­stead, you can swipe right to ac­cess a Wid­gets win­dow (sim­i­lar to No­ti­fi­ca­tions in iOS 9), and swipe left to ac­cess

Cam­era. These ges­tures are more in­tu­itive than the cur­rent ones, but it’ll take a while it to be­come in­stinc­tive. As for un­lock­ing the iPhone, you now press the Home but­ton in and keep your fin­ger held on the but­ton for Touch ID.

2. Cus­tomise your wid­gets

The Wid­gets win­dow dis­plays app in­for­ma­tion on your Home screen (with­out hav­ing to un­lock your phone. By de­fault it dis­plays weather, time and in­for­ma­tion from Cal­en­dar, News, Mu­sic, Bat­ter­ies and Re­minders as well as Siri App Sug­ges­tions. Tap any op­tion to open the as­so­ci­ated app (you may be asked to use Touch ID or En­ter Pass­code). You can man­age the wid­gets by tap­ping the Edit but­ton. Here you can add, or re­move items, and move Wid­gets be­tween the left col­umns on the iPad.

3. Re­move stock apps

Ap­ple has fi­nally bowed to the wishes of its cus­tomers and is al­low­ing you to re­move its stock apps from the Home screen.

There are a few ex­cep­tions. Find iPhone and Feed­back are locked, as is Play­ground on our iPad for some rea­son. But you can get rid of Ap­ple Maps, FaceTime, Cal­en­dar and even the iTunes Store if you want.

Apps you have re­moved can be re­in­stalled from the App Store. Open the App Store app and search for the app.

4. Sketch in Mes­sages

The abil­ity to sketch out mes­sages was first in­tro­duced on the App Watch. It’s a fun fea­ture, but bound to find many more fans now that Ap­ple is

bring­ing it to the iPad and iPhone. Open Mes­sages and tap the Sketch icon (shaped as a heart with two fingers). Draw on the black rec­tan­gle and it’ll be sent to the other per­son. It’s sent as an an­i­ma­tion, so they see your fin­ger sketch­ing it out as it goes.

5. Bed­time in Clock

The Clock app has a new fea­ture, called Bed­time. Bed­time sets a re­cur­ring wake-up alarm, and a gen­tle re­minder when it’s time to go to bed. Open Clock and tap Bed­time > Get Started. Bed­time asks what time you want to wake up, tap next and de­s­e­lect the days the alarm should not go off.

6. Split Sa­fari win­dows

One of the most wel­come new fea­tures is the abil­ity to open two Sa­fari win­dows side-by-side on an iPad.

If you have mul­ti­ple tabs open, drag one down from the Tab bar and to the right of the screen, it’ll slot into place in Split View. Drag its tab back to the left to re­turn to a sin­gle tabbed view. You can also tap, and hold, on a link and choose Open In Split View.

7. Mem­o­ries in Pho­tos

Few apps have had as big a shot in the arm in iOS 10 as Pho­tos. Open Pho­tos and you’ll see a new op­tion called Mem­o­ries. This au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ates Photo al­bums. You’ll see the Best of Last Month, and Best of Last Three Months. Be­low that will be al­bums of places or events.

8. Bet­ter Maps app

Maps has had an­other re­fresh in iOS 10, as Ap­ple con­tin­ues to cre­ate an app that truly ri­vals Google

Maps. It has a new, much cleaner, interface that makes op­tions eas­ier to ac­cess. There’s a lot of new fea­tures too. It now fea­tures traf­fic in­for­ma­tion on route, and dis­plays al­ter­na­tive routes as you drive. A new Dy­namic View mode shows what traf­fic con­di­tions look like. There’s also an op­tion to find things along the way, like su­per­mar­kets or petrol sta­tions. One handy fea­ture is that Ap­ple Maps au­to­mat­i­cally re­mem­bers where you parked your car. An­other in­ter­est­ing touch is that Search now pulls in places you’ve looked for in Google and Google Maps. So it feels a lot more in­te­grated with your search his­tory. Cun­ning.

9. Con­trol Cen­tre

The Con­trol Cen­tre has been split into two win­dows, mak­ing it less baf­fling to the eyes. Slide

up from the bot­tom of the screen and you’ll see op­tions, screen bright­ness, Air­Play and AirDrop (as well as short­cuts to Cam­era and Clock). Swipe to the left and you’ll move over to me­dia con­trols, vol­ume con­trols, and an Air­Play list.

10. Play­grounds and Home

Two new apps were in­stalled by de­fault on our iPad run­ning iOS 10. The first is Home, which al­lows you to in­ter­act with smart con­nected de­vices on your net­work. Noth­ing seems ready for it yet, but we’ll keep an eye on it as the Beta rolls out.

The sec­ond is Play­grounds, which is an in­ter­ac­tive code learn­ing en­vi­ron­ment. We were sur­prised to find this au­to­mat­i­cally in­stalled, but it’s great fun and a good game (even if you don’t code). Be sure to look at both of them.

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