Un­lock an iOS de­vice if you’ve for­got­ten the pass­word

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Ap­ple’s use of an Ap­ple ID on iPads is some­thing Ap­ple does to­wards keep­ing your de­vice se­cure. But it can also be prob­lem­atic, es­pe­cially if you have mul­ti­ple Ap­ple IDs and can’t re­mem­ber the user names or pass­words for them all.

iPad&iPhoneUser reader Mae ran into an Ap­ple ID prob­lem when us­ing her iPad. An Ac­ti­va­tion Lock sud­denly ap­peared on screen. Now I am not sure on what Ap­ple ID I used to set up the iP ad. I also for­got its pass­word, be­cause I’ m us­ing a dif­fer­ent Ap­ple ID. The mes­sage that ap­pears is’ This iP ad is linked to an Ap­ple ID. En­ter the Ap­ple ID and pass­word that were used to set up this iP ad ’, fol­lowed by the email ad­dress. I have a va­ri­ety of bad news: Ac­ti­va­tion Lock only ap­pears if some­one erased an iOS de­vice. With­out the pass­word to that ac­count, the iPad will be un­us­able for­ever. That’s the point of Ac­ti­va­tion Lock.

How­ever, as long as you still have ac­cess to ei­ther the email ad­dress as­so­ci­ated with that Ap­ple ID or any trusted de­vice as­so­ci­ated with that ac­count, you should be able to re­set the pass­word and log in: fol­low Ap­ple’s in­struc­tions at tinyurl.com/nnqh4xp.

As to why the iPad was erased? There’s re­port­edly a wave of black­mail go­ing around that in­volves us­ing weak pass­words re­vealed in pass­word database cracks else­where. Many peo­ple em­ploy short and eas­ily guessed or cracked pass­words, and use them at mul­ti­ple sites. I’ve heard wind that some peo­ple’s Macs are be­ing locked with a mes­sages to pay a fee to ob­tain the un­lock code. With iOS, you can’t lock a de­vice in such a way that it’s owner can’t un­lock it with

the de­vice pass­word. But you can erase it, which seems like van­dal­ism in­stead of black­mail.

If your Ap­ple ID or iCloud pass­word is only eight char­ac­ters or so long or is very sim­ple (like a word and one piece of punc­tu­a­tion), I rec­om­mend pick­ing a bet­ter one im­me­di­ately, even if you don’t know that your ac­count in­for­ma­tion might have been re­vealed in the breach of an­other site.

Glenn Fleish­man re­veals your op­tions

Ac­ti­va­tion Lock pro­tects your de­vice af­ter its been erased. But you might be locked out for­ever if you lose ac­cess to your Ap­ple ID-as­so­ci­ated email ac­counts

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