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In iOS 12, you can use the Ox­ford Th­e­saurus of English with the ‘Look Up’ fea­ture. Leif John­son shows how

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Many past iOS re­leases let you look up def­i­ni­tions with a built-in dic­tionary with ‘Look Up’, but with iOS 12, we get ac­cess to a built-in th­e­saurus as well. As a writer, I find this a god­send. My beloved Ox­ford Th­e­saurus of English was one of the ca­su­al­ties of iOS’s tran­si­tion to 64-bit apps, but now it’s part of the op­er­at­ing sys­tem it­self.

Even bet­ter, the fea­ture works with most iOS word pro­cess­ing apps. The only catch is that you’ll have to turn it on. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open Set­tings. 2. Press Gen­eral. 3. Scroll down to Dic­tionary. Press it. 4. Se­lect ‘Ox­ford Th­e­saurus of English’.

Us­ing the th­e­saurus

To use it, open a doc­u­ment in the word-pro­cess­ing or note-tak­ing app of your choice, be it Pages, Google Docs, Ulysses, iA Writer, or many oth­ers. Af­ter that, find the word you’d like to change and se­lect it.

You should see a ‘Look Up’ op­tion in the menu that pops up. (Its po­si­tion will likely change de­pend­ing on which app you’re us­ing.) Press it.

You’ll see the dic­tionary op­tions you have ac­tive from the pre­vi­ous steps at the top of the new screen that ap­pears. The top list­ing will likely be the dic­tionary, while the sec­ond will likely be the th­e­saurus. Click on the list­ing that says ‘Ox­ford Th­e­saurus of English’ along the bot­tom.

And voilà. You’ll see a list of re­lated words (that you may or may not be­lieve are bet­ter). Un­for­tu­nately, you can’t sim­ply plug in the new word by se­lect­ing it from the list; you’ll have to re­mem­ber it and en­ter it into the doc­u­ment your­self.

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