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Mo­phie’s Pow­er­sta­tion line of por­ta­ble bat­tery packs have been around for some time, and they’re gen­er­ally solid (if some­what ex­pen­sive) prod­ucts. Now, the com­pany has ver­sions made ex­clu­sively for the Ap­ple Store. What sets th­ese apart is that they recharge us­ing a Light­ning port, so you can use your stan­dard iPhone or iPad power adap­tor and ca­ble to recharge the bat­tery pack.

In other words, you don’t have to carry around a sep­a­rate Mi­cro-USB or USB-C ca­ble (and maybe power adap­tor) just to recharge your por­ta­ble bat­tery pack.

That’s con­ve­nient if you’re all-in on Ap­ple hard­ware, but the fact that you can get higher-ca­pac­ity bat­ter­ies for less if you’re will­ing to lug around one more ca­ble makes it hard to rec­om­mend.

More ca­pac­ity, but no in­te­grated Light­ning ca­ble

Mo­phie’s Pow­er­sta­tion Plus charg­ers in­clude an in­te­grated Light­ning charg­ing ca­ble, and are a lit­tle smaller. If your pri­or­ity is a pack that you’ll charge up at home but will take min­i­mal space in your bag, while al­low­ing you to recharge your phone a cou­ple times, it’s a de­cent choice.

The non-Plus Pow­er­sta­tion packs have no ca­ble in­cluded at all, and feature a larger alu­minium body. But you get a lot more bang for the buck – this Pow­er­sta­tion XXL has the same £90 list price as the Pow­er­sta­tion Plus XL but fea­tures three USB-A ports in­stead of just one, and dou­bles ca­pac­ity from 10,000- to 20,000mAh.

Two of those ports are 2.1A, and they charged up my phone just as fast as the 12W iPad power adap­tor). The third is only a 1A port. While the Pow­er­sta­tion has enough out­put to charge de­vices over all three ports at once, that 1A port is go­ing to be pretty slow. It’s a good can­di­date for your Ap­ple Watch charger.

20,000mAh takes a long time to charge us­ing a Light­ning con­nec­tor; you’ll want to plug it in and let it sit overnight. One of the three USB-A ports is char­geth­rough port, which will charge up a con­nected de­vice be­fore charg­ing up the bat­tery. It’s per­fect for those overnight charges.

You can do bet­ter if you jump to USB-C

The Pow­er­sta­tion XXL does what it says it does. It’s got enough power to recharge your iPhone X six or seven times, or even the big 12.9in iPad Pro twice. But you’re pay­ing a lot for that Light­ning recharge port. Con­sider Anker’s Pow­erCore+ (£99 from, which has a sim­i­lar cost but nearly a third more ca­pac­ity: 26,800mAh. Sure, you have to carry around a USB-C power adap­tor and ca­ble, but that makes the bat­tery pack charge more quickly, and if you’re a MacBook user you’re prob­a­bly lug­ging one around any­way. And the 30W USB-C port means it can charge your MacBook, too. Oh, and it comes with a 30W USB-C power adap­tor.

What Mo­phie is of­fer­ing in the Pow­er­sta­tion XXL is sim­i­lar to so many of its other prod­ucts. It’s solid, well-de­signed, well-built and re­li­able, but it also costs sig­nif­i­cantly more than some of its com­peti­tors. If you re­ally value a bat­tery pack that charges via Light­ning port, its worth pick­ing up, but only if you find it on sale. Ja­son Cross


• Light­ning, USB

• Built-in recharge­able lithium-ion bat­tery

• 20x154.9x92mm/3.62 in.

• 470.6g

You recharge this Ap­ple-ex­clu­sive Pow­er­sta­tion with a Light­ning ca­ble. It’s con­ve­nient, but a lit­tle slow

With three USB-A ports (two 2.1A, one 1A) you can recharge your iPhone, iPad, and Ap­ple Watch all at once

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