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There are var­i­ous types of broc­coli - from the com­mon green sprout­ing type with its flat dense heads, to pur­ple and white sprout­ing broc­coli with looser flower heads. Which­ever you choose, the seed should be sown in spring, un­der glass if it’s cold, or in the open ground in late spring. Use a cell tray if you’re grow­ing it in­doors fill­ing the cells with multi-pur­pose com­post and sow­ing two or three seeds in each, cov­er­ing them with ver­mi­culite. Once ger­mi­nated, the seedlings should be kept in a cool, light po­si­tion as ex­ces­sive heat will pro­duce leggy seedlings that strug­gle to de­velop. Al­ter­na­tively sow the seed out­doors in rows and cover with 1-2cm of multi-pur­pose com­post. Thin them to 10cm apart when they are big enough to han­dle. When they are around 12cm high they can be trans­planted to their fi­nal po­si­tion, around 45cm apart, and should be ready in late sum­mer and au­tumn.

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